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How To Make Furniture With Pallets

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 24, 2022
How To Make Furniture With Pallets

Today recycling is more relevant than ever and there are many ideas that we can implement to decorate our house by recycling. It is not just about a greener way of life by reusing resources, but also we can save significant amounts of money by creating original furniture that will give your home a unique style. In we give you some amazing ideas for you to discover how to make furniture with pallets.

  1. The basic things you should know
  2. How to work with pallets
  3. Making sofas with pallets
  4. Making a low table with pallets
  5. Making a library with pallets
  6. Making shelves with pallets

The basic things you should know

Pallets are used to transport products and materials in many grocery stores, restaurants, fruit shops and even clothing stores. So the best way to get them is to go on a tour of our local neighbourhood or a popular area of our city and talk to the shop owners. It is also common to see them outside the premises at closing time, a good time to collect them. You will find them in many sizes, which makes it the perfect material for making all kinds of furniture.

In rural areas you can also find that many farmers also use them to transport fruit and vegetable crates.

How to work with pallets

Although the pallets are not made with high quality wood they are very resistant and look great at home with certain arrangements. So to improve their appearance always:

  • Sand down the pallets, this allows you to remove splinters and improve their appearance making them look better.
  • Apply a varnish, which can be transparent or colored in the case that you want to modify it. This helps protect the wood and gives it shine. If you prefer to leave it natural then skip this step.

Making sofas with pallets

When we want to furnish a room, one of the pieces of furniture that requires a lot of investment is the sofa. But if you are creative and eco-friendly this idea will be great. Collect several pallets of thick tough wood; sand and varnish and above all, make sure they are really strong.

The pallets will be the base and the back of your couch. You should select the pieces according to the desired size, cut them carefully with a saw and then join the back and base with nails and a drill so that they are secure. You can generate modular pieces which are so fashionable today.

On top you only need to add cushions to function as upholstery, these can be individual or joined, it all depends on your taste. The result is amazing, aesthetic and very original.

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How To Make Furniture With Pallets - Making sofas with pallets

Making a low table with pallets

This is one of the most popular uses that have been given to pallets when it comes to making furniture with them. This is furniture which is very simple to prepare, that gives life to any space in your living room or dining room.

To make a low table with pallets, take a piece which is as long as you want the table to be, sand it and in instead of varnishing you can choose to paint it in any colour that will match the décor of your home. Many people install four wheels on the legs to allow better mobility, others prefer to keep it simple.

You can also put a glass cut to size on top or leave it in a more rustic style. What do you think of the result?

How To Make Furniture With Pallets - Making a low table with pallets

Making a library with pallets

Libraries or cabinets are an essential part of most rooms. But we do not always have the money to make such an investment. If you prefer to opt for something original instead of buying the same furniture that everyone gets, then we encourage you to make a library with pallets.

The best way is to opt for a modular design, installing multiple pallet boxes on the wall and designing your own furniture. This will allow you to vary the designs and colors, as many people choose to paint them a little imagination makes the difference.

If you decide to create a complete cabinet then it is best to put the pieces between them and make a compact library.

How To Make Furniture With Pallets - Making a library with pallets

Making shelves with pallets

Another easy way to decorate your home with pallets is making shelves, which can range from simple models, such as mounting a whole pallet and using it to place picture frames, letters or plants, or by making shelves with boxes or pallet modules in an original form.

Decorate your home with pallets only requires a little imagination and creativity to get incredible results like in these pictures.

How To Make Furniture With Pallets - Making shelves with pallets

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How To Make Furniture With Pallets