How to Decorate a Kitchen with Waste Material

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Decorate a Kitchen with Waste Material

If you are thinking about giving your kitchen a make over by decorating it with waste materials, in this OneHowTo article we propose different ideas for make your kitchen look bright and ecological.

Reusing pallets, cutlery or step ladders is a perfect idea to ensure that your kitchen is decorated originally and with good taste. This kind of recycled style especially fits an industrial style house décor. In this article we explain how decorate a kitchen with waste material so you can give a new and different touch to your home.

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Reuse packaging

A very good way of decorating kitchens with waste material is by reusing everyday packaging such as plastic bottles, cans or glass bottles. In the kitchen you can give these type of objects many uses.

Tin cans

Especially if they have an iconic label such as Campbell's Soup or Quaker oats, these will be great just as simple decoration, though you can also use them to keep your cooking utensils. Use some paint spray if you want to give your tin cans a special touch or add a rivet for a shabby chic look. You can also keep several ingredients in there too.

Mason jars

Re-use your old glass jars or mason jars to store grains and pasta, it's a great way of storing food and upcycling glass. Another idea is to use your mason jars as a tupperware. Make delicious mason jar salads so you can eat at work. There are so many options you can choose from when it comes to decorating with mason jars, such as turning them into candle holders or lamps.

How to Decorate a Kitchen with Waste Material - Reuse packaging

The pallets in your kitchen

Another way to decorate kitchens with waste material is by using pallets, a material which is commonly used for this purpose and one of the most recycled.

Pallet shelves

For kitchens you can use one of these to create a small multi-purpose shelf where you can hang different tools or and even create a new area in which to keep your recipes. You can decorate your pallets with stencil wall art. In the picture you will see our proposal on how to best use a pallet in your kitchen.

Pallet kitchen table

If you've always wanted an island in your kitchen or need an auxiliary table to have a quick breakfast, you can also put two sets of pallets vertically and two pallets to create the base of the table and nail them together to create a gorgeous DIY table.

At oneHOWTO we show you how to make furniture with pallets.


How to Decorate a Kitchen with Waste Material - The pallets in your kitchen

Creativity with old cutlery

In order to decorate with waste material it is important that you let your imagination run wild so to give new uses to domestic objects in a fun and unique way. For example, we at oneHOWTO propose that you make use of old cutlery that you no longer use. Bend them and stick them to a wooden board to create an original platform from which to hang your cups or whatever you like.

For more free decoration tips check our article on how to decorate your house for free.

How to Decorate a Kitchen with Waste Material -  Creativity with old cutlery

The long life of ladders

Ladders are objects which offer many possibilities for alternative uses: as cabinets, as improvised shelves or as decorative elements. There are many ways to decorate with ladder! We propose that you decorate your kitchen using a ladder as if it were a shelf where you can store bags, baskets or even put a nice plant.

In the attached picture you can see the decorative proposal that we offer you at OneHowTo, which is based on the concept of hanging the ladder from the ceiling horizontally. What do you think of it?

How to Decorate a Kitchen with Waste Material - The long life of ladders

Upcycle old kitchen objects

Have you got random object around the house that you think have no use at all? Think again, with just a little tweaking, you can give your kitchen a personal touch in no time! Take a look at these decoration ideas for your kitchen.

Coffee cups as novelty lamps

Another idea that we propose so you know how to decorate your kitchen with waste material is by reusing coffee cups by hanging them as if they were kitchen lamps. You will have to use extra strong glue to stick them to the saucer. Then you will have to make a hole in the base by which to fit the light to its interior. The result: a perfect lamp for your kitchen.

Teapot planter

How about re-painting a vintage teapot and using it to plant the herbs you'll need for cooking? It's as simple as it is done. If your teapot is rusty, all the better, it will give it an even more authentic touch.

Milk container vase

You're really lucky if you've found an old milk container, these look gorgeous to decorate your kitchen. You can use them to store your cutlery or to use as a vase.

How to Decorate a Kitchen with Waste Material - Upcycle old kitchen objects

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  • Use your imagination when decorating with recycling materials. Find any objects you don't use and turn it into something useful to give it a second life.

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Shobha Interior
Great Post. I really like your ideas. Recycled crafts and artworks are made of old, broken, useless or used items, leftover paints, fabrics, wood or metal wire that create clutter or day to day trash. These items can be turned into brand-new, attractive and impressive home furnishings and artworks for your kitchen decorating that decrease trash, save energy for destroying it and add a personal touch to your home.
How to Decorate a Kitchen with Waste Material
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How to Decorate a Kitchen with Waste Material

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