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How to Make a Cheap Terrarium

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to Make a Cheap Terrarium

If you want to give your home a natural and wild touch, a good option is to build a terrarium which can be placed in any corner of your home and transform the whole room. In this OneHowTo article, we'll show you how to make a cheap terrarium so you can decorate your home without spending a lot of money. You just need a bit of moss, a glass bottle and a lot of imagination! The best thing about this craft is that you can customize it and include anything you like. Awesome, right?

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Steps to follow:


To make a low-cost terrarium we will use materials that you can get easily without needing to pay a penny. Here's what you need to make your terrarium:

  • A glass container (it can even be a bottle of wine halved so you can take advantage of both ends. In this OneHowTo we show you how to cut a bottle).
  • A potted plant that you want to place inside the terrarium (if the glass container is large, you can choose to put smaller plants in to achieve a much more natural and wild appearance).
  • Some moss which will act as the terrarium base.
  • Stones (that you can get from any walk in the woods).
How to Make a Cheap Terrarium - Step 1

First, create the base for your terrarium by putting some stones inside and then covering them with some moss at the bottom. You can add more layers of moss and stones (this will always depend on the size of your terrarium container). When the layers are finished, just place the plant pot on the moss.


To give the effect of terrarium, it's important that afterwards you add moss around the plant, otherwise it just looks like you've got a plant inside a glass container. You achieve a wild and natural look when you scatter moss inside and mix it with the plant.

How to Make a Cheap Terrarium - Step 3

To give a unique and personal touch to your terrarium, in this OneHowTo you can look at how to customize a glass container when you're making your creation. You can paint it, stick stickers on it, write a few words or just add a touch of color that matches perfectly with the decor of your home.

In this OneHowTo article you can find how to paint glass bottles.


To make a cheap terrarium simply select what you want to include in your new decorative object and give free rein to your imagination. For example, in autumn or winter you can add some dried pine cones inside or broom (i.e. typical Christmas plants with red beads). In spring and summer, you can choose to add dried flowers and give a more appropriate touch for the time of year.

How to Make a Cheap Terrarium - Step 5

If you like tropical terrariums it's best to buy exotic flowers and put it in an area of the home with a lot of moisture and sunlight. This will prolong their life to the fullest and keep that tropical feel in your home.


If you're looking for alternatives to glass terrariums, take a look at our guide on how to make a DIY succulent terrarium. You might also be interested in how to plant succulents in individual containers.

If you have any tips on how to make a cheap terrarium, please tell us in the comments section.

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How to Make a Cheap Terrarium