How to make a mirror out of a tennis racket

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to make a mirror out of a tennis racket
Image: This charming home

Decorating with waste material is a very creative, fun and, over all, economical way of making our home a more welcoming place. There are many objects that can have a second life, from glass bottles with many functions to furniture made out of pallets. With a bit of imagination, you can even turn an old tennis racket into a beautiful mirror to hand on the wall. You only need to follow the steps we show you in this OneHowto article and surprise your guests.

You'll need:
  • Raqueta vieja
  • Espejo ovalado
  • Papel de lija
  • Pinturas y pincel
  • Barniz o laca
  • Tornillo de ojo cerrado y alcayata
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Steps to follow:

The first thing you'll need to do is to take the racket strings off, you should do so very carefully so you don't get hurt or bend the frame.


Next, you'll have to sand down the racket and polish it; to do so, we recommend you use a paper sander with fine grain, so it doesn't wear out.


Once your racket is perfectly polished, you'll be able to paint or decorate it as you prefer to: with one color, several colors, lining it, etc.


Then, you should leave it to dry so you can varnish your racket for a better finishing look.


The following step will be to place an oval-shaped mirror in your racket. We recommend you measure the diameter of the racket center to make sure the glass will fit in properly.

Your best bet if you want the racket to fit perfectly is to ask for a custom made mirror at a specialized shop, this way you'll be sure it will fit in perfectly. The retailer may also provide you with the glue you'll need to stick the mirror to the racket.


However, you can place a wooden plank or another resistant material on the back of your racket to hold the mirror. Buy special mirror adhesive so it stays in place properly.


After a night's rest to let the glue set, you only need to add a closed eye bolt on the top part of the racket so you can hang it on a hook on the wall.

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How to make a mirror out of a tennis racket
Image: This charming home
How to make a mirror out of a tennis racket

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