How to Hang Heavy Pictures Without Nails

By Mary Smith. February 18, 2021
How to Hang Heavy Pictures Without Nails

Whether due their canvas or frame, some pictures and paintings can have a pretty hefty weight. Traditionally, the best way to hang this pictures is to drill into the walls for support and nail in something on which they can hang. Unfortunately, this will lead to holes in the wall which can make it aesthetically unpleasing. It can also affect the integrity of the wall in some occasions. Some leases won't let us put nails into the walls or it may simply annoy the landlord.

This is why oneHOWTO explains 9 ways of how to hang heavy pictures without nails. These methods will let you decorate with your favorite posters, paintings and photos without damaging the wall unnecessarily.

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Hang pictures with non-mark hooks

If you haven't heard of frame fixings, you may have just found the best way for you to hang a heavy picture. Non-mark hooks are usually made from plastic and have two tiny ‘teeth’ at the top of them. These allow you to place them on a plasterboard wall where they will stay, even if you put on a heavy frame. All you need to do is tap it with a small hammer and damage to the wall is minimal. Certainly much less than drilling and hammering nails.

These frame holders can support a weight of up to 4 kilograms. But there is a trick for heavier pictures. If you link two or more together, you can support even more weight.

How to Hang Heavy Pictures Without Nails - Hang pictures with non-mark hooks

Hang pictures with non-trace picture hooks

Non-trace picture hooks are similar to the previous method of hanging heavy pictures, but they are even better at protecting the wall. Although they are not suitable for harder surfaces, such as brick, they are easy to install and leave only a practically imperceptible mark when removed. The difference is in the design and they use three small tacks to spread the weight, attached to a plastic hook.

These can also be used to hang other fixtures such as mirrors. Check out this article on how to make a mirror out of a tennis racket for a cool DIY idea.

How to Hang Heavy Pictures Without Nails - Hang pictures with non-trace picture hooks

Hang pictures with mounting adhesive

This is a very easy solution that works especially for smooth surfaces such as tiles or glass. The adhesive does not leave marks at all and its application is very simple. It is a silicone-like paste that is usually sold in tubes. Follow these steps to use mounting adhesive to hang heavy pictures it:

  1. Put a drop of mounting adhesive in each corner of the painting, hold it against the wall for a moment and then remove it. This will leave some of the adhesive on the wall.
  2. After a few seconds, the paste will have dried a little.
  3. Match up the marks on the wall to the frame, press it on and it should remain there.

When you want to remove the painting, you only need to use a paint scraper. use it as if you were taking gum off a table and the adhesive will come off without leaving a mark. If you leave it, it will also be very easy to remove.

Hang pictures with velcro strips

Velcro straps are similar to those worn on children's shoes, but they are more resistant. When you buy them, you should look closely at the packaging because each one supports a different weight. There are those that hold up to more than 7 kilos.

This solution for hanging a picture without nails is straightforward, but if your wall covering is made of delicate wallpaper or paint, it may peel when you try to remove them.

You can use these techniques for hanging more than heavy pictures. When we go on holiday, we may bring back something we want to display proudly. You can learn how to do this in our article on how display travel souvenirs.

How to Hang Heavy Pictures Without Nails - Hang pictures with velcro strips

Hang pictures with self-adhesive hooks

Self-adhesive hooks are perhaps the best known for hanging pictures without using nails. This is because they are very effective and reduce damage to the wall. It is a very comfortable way to place a frame of up to 4 kilos, which is fairly substantial. Although it cannot support as much as others, it is the easiest and most economical way to decorate any space with simple frames. They can all be used to hang clothes, towels and necklaces, if you wish.

Hang pictures with double-sided tape

Double-sided adhesive tapes are similar to the previous way to hang a heavy picture. Instead of buying a self-adhesive hook, you can apply this adhesive tape to a hook. It is resistant and practical.

You will simply have to cut off the right size of tape for the back of the hook. Attach the hooks to the wall and hang the picture on them. These can be useful for outdoor spaces or rooms which go from hot to cold. This is because they are resistant to both temperatures and humidity.

How to Hang Heavy Pictures Without Nails - Hang pictures with double-sided tape

Hang pictures with adhesive strips

These adhesive strips provide a solution very similar to that of velcro, only they can support even more weight. The only important thing to keep in mind is that they are more recommended for surfaces such as tiles, since they could leave marks on other types of walls.

To use them, cut off strips for each of the four corners of the frame. Attach them to the back of the frame, peel off the tape and then hold the picture against the wall where you want it. Press firmly and let go. Be careful that you place it in the correct place. If you don't, it will be difficult to remove and it will be more difficult to adhere it again.

Hang pictures with guides or rails

While this may seem like a strange option, it is widely used in places like museums and galleries. This is because we can replace the pictures easily without having the change the fixtures themselves. Guide rails are attached to the wall or even the ceiling. From the guide rails is a wire which can allow us to attach the painting or picture. You will need to insert small holes, but this is not as damaging as nails.

This is a very original way to hang frames in the home. It provides a more industrial and modern style which might work well with your general aesthetic. It also allows you to change the pictures as many times as you want, so it's great for those who like to mix things up a little.

If this isn't your style, you can decide on a different aesthetic such as creating a more bohemian DIY look.

How to Hang Heavy Pictures Without Nails - Hang pictures with guides or rails

Hang pictures with makeshift shelves

Our last method of hanging heavy pictures without nails is fast, comfortable and ready for many uses. This way is to use makeshift shelves.

Pallets are a widely available resource which you can use to make almost anything in the home, including bedside tables and other types of furniture. You can also use wood from them to make shelves and stands on which you can place anything you like, including pictures. It isn't exactly ‘hanging’, but you can put them at height and enjoy them. As with the guide rails, you can also change up the pictures whenever you feel like it.

You can also simply use your existing furniture, as you can see in the photo above.

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How to Hang Heavy Pictures Without Nails
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