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How to Make a Washing Machine Last Longer

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: August 13, 2019
How to Make a Washing Machine Last Longer

A washing machine is a basic appliance in any modern home. Its utility and regularity save us all time thus making it essential to improve our quality of life, so it is convenient to care for this machine. However, we are not always aware of the vulnerability of this device and do not treat it the right way. Therefore, since we explain on OneHowTo.com how to make a washing machine last longer so you can use it for much longer without having to worry about replacing it in the near future.

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  1. Do not fill it up too much
  2. Do not mix clothes together
  3. Correct use of detergent
  4. Sporadic washes
  5. Take care of the soap tank
  6. Open door

Do not fill it up too much

To make a washing machine last longer you must not overload the device with excess clothing. So that the appliance can function properly, only fill it up to a certain point. It is important, in this regard, to leave an empty space in the drum, about ten centimeters, so that clothes can move with ease with the speed of the appliance. This way the device and your clothing will not be damaged.

Do not mix clothes together

Do not mix whites and colors in the same wash. This is because colored clothing, although colorfast, affects the washing water which becomes darker with the particles, thus working negatively against the rinsing system in the appliance.

Similarly, if you have whites or delicate clothes, try not to place any material that could damage its structure in the washer. Lye, in this sense, is prohibited, since the materials will wear out faster and the clothing will also be damaged. So from here we recommend that you hand-wash these more demanding fabrics.

Correct use of detergent

It's important that you choose a good detergent to extend the life of your washing machine. However, attempt to use this in the indicated amount, possibly the most of what the manufacturer recommends for your little washing machine. So, do not worry about the quality of washing your clothes show as an aspect of quality, without excess chemicals. Apply the same steps when using the softener.

How to Make a Washing Machine Last Longer - Correct use of detergent

Sporadic washes

If this is your case, and you do not make daily use of the washing machine, because you travel a lot or you are hardly home and rarely use your washing system, it is important that when the cycle finishes, you take a clean, damp cloth - the model that you normally use in the kitchen - to remove any soap residue remaining inside the unit. In this way you ensure that when idle, the machine is maintained correctly. Our exciting OneHowTo article on cleaning the washing machine shows you how to get it to always be simply impeccable.

Take care of the soap tank

Similarly, it is desirable that every so often you should extract the deposit where you put the soap and clean it thoroughly, so that no particles of chemicals can damage the appliance with the passage of time.

Open door

Finally, we recommend that you periodically also leave the washer door open for at least twelve hours. Thus, you can confirm that the interior is completely dry and that it cannot be damaged by any water remaining inside.

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How to Make a Washing Machine Last Longer