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How to Make Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 14, 2022
How to Make Outdoor Hanging Lanterns

Lit gardens in the summer look really pretty, give warmth and a special vibe. Candles, small lamps and torches are very useful decorative elements to decorate your garden or home patio. But if you don't want to spend a lot of money in decoration and you prefer to do some yourself, take note. At OneHowto we explain how to make outdoor hanging lanterns. You'll only need old cans in several sizes and to let your imagination fly. Try it out!

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Steps to follow:


Can recollection. Find several cans of different sizes around the house. You can use those previously used as preserves. Once you've got them all, get rid of the top part and clean them with lukewarm water and soap. Dry them thoroughly after. Make sure the can isn't oxidized, discard it if it does.


To the freezer! With this method you'll prepare the can to make holes with a nice design, First of all, fill the can up to 3/4 with cotton wool or similar to avoid it losing its shape during the time it's in the freezer. After this, add water. Now, you can add the can in the freezer until the water in the can has frozen. This will be the time to take it out.


With the can already frozen, you can make holes in a nice design such as a leaf, a sun, a figure or simple dots. The trick is to make the holes so that the light goes through them and lights your garden. Pay attention!


Draw your design on a paper and stick it with tape on the area of the can you'd like it to be on. After that, nail nails in so you create the drawing. Be careful not to break the sheet. We recommend you start making the holes on the top part of the paper,this way it will be stable and in will be easier to make the rest of the holes.


Make sure there's enough space between the holes and keep a secure distance between them. This way you'll make sure they look symmetrical and that the design is imprinted on your can perfectly.


Once you have finished nailing, it's time to take them out. Remove them carefully and peel the paper with the design off the can. You'll see that the drawing has been marked on the can perfectly.


Paint the can. Once you have your design imprinted on the can, spray it with the color spray of your choice. Leave it to dry for about 3 hours if you have painted it with aerosol or a whole day if you have done so with paint. It's important that you do this after making the holes or the paint can fall off.


After the drying period, fill the can with sand halfway approximately. After, place a candle inside.


You're done! Place the can in any part of your garden and light the candle. You'll have your decorative light ready for idillic summer nights.

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How to Make Outdoor Hanging Lanterns