How to prevent humidity at home

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to prevent humidity at home

Humidity is one of the most harmful factors for people who suffer allergies and with respiratory problems, aggravating their condition and making recovery difficult. Especially in rainy seasons it is important to keep our home aired and free of water vapour. That is why at OneHowTo give you the key to know how to prevent humidity at home and achieve a more pleasant environment.

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Steps to follow:

A humid house, beyond having stuffy air with odour, is harmful to the health and can cause respiratory problems. It is therefore important to keep moisture in check to maintain a healthier environment.


With the arrival of a wet season, humidity can become even more present in houses with bad ventilation. This can result in bad smells and condensed water on all surfaces. That is why the first step is to ventilate your home properly. This will allow the air to circulate to clean and renew your home, especially after carrying out activities that produce humidity such as having a shower or cooking.


Try to reduce the production of humidity as much as possible, for example by using the extractor fan, covering pans when boiling or steaming, etc. Believe it or now, these actions produce more moisture content that imagined.

How to prevent humidity at home - Step 3

If during the winter you use the heating, keep it an appropriate temperature, around 19 or 20 degrees, as hot air produces more humidity that cold air. It is also good to use a dehumidifier during this time of the year because it will help to control the problem and have a healthier environment at home.


Gestures like hanging clothes to dry outside in the garden or patio will make the level of humidity reduce. Similarly, avoid having too many plants in the house as they increase dampness.

How to prevent humidity at home - Step 5

If your home has problems with damp it is good to think about a redistribution of furniture for improved circulation of air, leaving more room for airflow and separating the furniture from walls.

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  • Follow this advice and you will significantly improve the environment in your home reducing humidity and damp.

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How to prevent humidity at home
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How to prevent humidity at home

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