How to Protect Pumpkins from Pests

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Protect Pumpkins from Pests

Pumpkins are usually grown in a warm climate and transform from plants to edible vegetables during the summer. However, this sweet food is susceptible to external insects and bugs that are capable of putting an end to such a rich harvest. If you like pumpkins and have some in your garden, pay attention to the next article from OneHowTo.com. We'll provide tips and tricks on how to protect pumpkins from pests. Treat them and eradicate them properly to enjoy your healthy pumpkins.

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Steps to follow:


To prevent the appearance of insects, care for your pumpkin plants properly. If you see weed shoots or weeds around your pumpkin plants, carefully remove them; this will save them from beetle infestation. On the other hand, if you see bugs on the plants' leaves, remove them yourself using your hands. Notice that they are usually yellow in color, with marks that may be black, green or even yellow.

How to Protect Pumpkins from Pests - Step 1

Another good trick to catch undesirable beetles is to place a piece of cardboard under the pumpkin plant. Then, keep an eye on the cardboard daily. If you notice a beetle between the cardboard and the ground, throw it in a bucket of soapy water.

How to Protect Pumpkins from Pests - Step 2

There may also be brown bugs (if adult) or whitish (if young) that land on the lower leaves of the pumpkin plant. You might instead find their eggs (red, yellow or brown). Prune leaves that harbour this type of pest.

How to Protect Pumpkins from Pests - Step 3

Before resorting to insecticides and other chemicals, try to eliminate the bugs by spraying leaves with a strong jet of water. If they fall off, pick them up and get rid of them; otherwise go to your garden center.

How to Protect Pumpkins from Pests - Step 4

Apply suitable pesticides to your pumpkin plants. Spray on the leaves or apply it to the roots, depending on the type of pesticide you've purchased. Follow the instructions found on the product packaging. Ask in your garden center which is the most convenient.


Remember that the pesticides you purchase must be suitable to be used on edible crops. Carbaryl, permethrin or bifenthrin are some of the ingredients used in insecticides designed specifically to eradicate pumpkins pests.


Follow the instructions on the chemical products that you purchase very carefully. Always ask in your local garden center for the most suitable product for your pumpkin pest infestation.

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How to Protect Pumpkins from Pests