How to Prune an Olive Tree

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Prune an Olive Tree

The olive tree is part of the traditional, sun-kissed landscapes of far flung Southern Europe. So much so that olives and olive trees appear in numerous poems. And it's no wonder, because thanks to this tree we get delicious and healthy foods that form an important part of the Mediterranean diet. But to enjoy its taste and its many properties, you have to prune the tree correctly. If you need help, do not miss the advice that we explain here on OneHowTo on how to prune an olive tree.

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Shape pruning

The first thing to know is that there are different steps to olive tree pruning. The first is shape pruning. As its name suggests, this pruning will give a first shape to the tree and will help us ensure proper development and growth of the olive tree. And it's as easy as removing stray branches from the tree as well as those parts in poor condition, which can interfere with the proper development of our olive tree, also affecting the growth of the precious fruit.

Production pruning

To ensure that the tree and fruit grow properly and productively, it is also very important to conduct a thorough production pruning. It is about respecting the development of the olive tree, but doing so in the right way to stimulate and promote the production of the fruit. But how is this done? Experts recommend us pruning an olive tree by clearing the secondary branches to get sunlight to penetrate every corner of the tree, thus improving photosynthesis. Sometimes the branches are so dense that they keep out the sun and even hinder the growth of the fruit.

How to Prune an Olive Tree - Production pruning

Pruning regeneration

Another important step of olive tree pruning in the correct manner involves pruning for regeneration, which is basically to keep the olive tree in tip top condition. As with many other trees, plants and flowers, the olive tree can also become sick. To avoid this, you need to remove all the sickly branches in poor condition. These nasty branches can harm the tree and the new buds that appear in the olive tree can interfere with the production of olives. That is to say, it is to maintain the growth of the olive tree.

Olive trees in the home garden

And what do we do to prune olive trees in our gardens? The controls to be performed are the same. Although in this sense, we must ensure that the length of the branches does not exceed a metre, which is a more suitable size for olive trees in the garden. Otherwise, do not forget that all these prunings must be made every single year, regardless of the season in which you are in, but never very intensively.

How to Prune an Olive Tree - Olive trees in the home garden

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How to Prune an Olive Tree
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How to Prune an Olive Tree

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