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How to prune a Photinia Red Robin

How to prune a Photinia Red Robin

All Photinias need to be pruned, from the youngest to the oldest specimens. Here, you will learn how and when is the best time to prune a Photinia Red Robin and how to make them bushy and beautiful year after year.

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The best time of year to prune your Photinia is in early Spring through to early Autumn. Late Spring and early Summer are ideal times. If you just plant the Photinias then you should wait until you get some growth before you start pruning them. Photinia hedges are fast growing and if you want to have a beautiful Photinia then they must be pruned. The form of pruning really depends on how the plant has been planted.

Prune those branches and leaves that have turned into a goldish or brown color, this will help your Photinia grow new and healthier branches.


Start to prune a Photinia red robin early and cut them in the lower part. Doing this will often give you a good dense core near the ground. Cut the sides to be closer to the top so that the sun can reach the lower branches, giving them a healthy start and they'll then produce many leaves.


If your Phontina Red Robin is several years old and has grown tall and skinny, or if you have more than one together and they are uneven, you can cut short the highest branches and keep them short until you see the lower branches get more volume. Cut lower branches rather short until you have achieved the desired thickness. Just follow the pace and do not stop. If you have more than one, eventually they will join together.


Now, suppose you just moved into a new house and in the yard there is a Photinia that is completely out of control. In the early Spring, you can cut it right back to 6 or 7 centimetres (2.5 or 2.75 inches) away from the ground. It will start to grow again to 30 centimetres (12 inches) that year and you can start to shape it the way you want.

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  • Be patient when get your hedge to look the way you want. It takes time for even fastest growing plants.
  • Be sure to wait until all threats of frost have evaporated. Pruning before a frost can make the plant susceptible to disease and insect problems.
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How to prune a Photinia Red Robin
How to prune a Photinia Red Robin