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How to prune a rose bush

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to prune a rose bush

Pruning roses is one of the most important care that these flowers need in order to grow strong and healthy. It is the way to remove dead wood and thus have pretty roses. Thus, you should Prune the Tree at least once a year, although pruning can be performed several times. Besides teaching you how to care for roses on OneHowTo we explain in detail how to prune a rose bush.

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Steps to follow:


First, note that March is the best time to prune roses, when the cold season and especially the frost are over.


You can also supplement pruning the rose bushes November, by removing the remains of dead wood and dead flowers.


To prune the rose bush, you need well sharpened pruning shears for a clean cut. Also, you must cut bezel and try to do always above a bud.


When pruning a rose bush, remove suckers and dead wood, i.e. those branches that are not healthy or do not produce flowers. In this way, we stop the unnecessary consummation of water and nutrients, you will recognize pacifiers because the leaves are light green and smaller.


You should also remove spent flowers and fruits, in addition to making the rosebush look bad, they consume energy. You should always keep the young branches and those with buds, i.e. where the roses will grow later.


Notably vigorous branch should be pruned above fourth or fifth yolk as it will be able to feed 4-5 shoots that arise from it; conversely, a weak branch will be left a maximum of one or two buds.


In addition to pruning, will need to have these other care required roses. You can see here our article how to care for a rose.

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How to prune a rose bush