How to Create Natural Blue Roses

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Create Natural Blue Roses

True blue roses are highly prized as garden decorations. Many people are interested in this type of rose, but sometimes they cost so much money. If you're thinking about finding natural blue roses and you cannot locate them, you can now make them yourself at your humble home. This is a very simple technique that does not require special knowledge to do.

You only have to follow the instructions in our article: Here at OneHowTo we want to show how to create natural blue roses so you can decorate your home in the most romantic way in just a few steps. Do you dare to try?

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Steps to follow:

This technique is based on changing white roses into blue ones. It is not about planting a type of rose that color and then wait for it to grow, as florists do in large quantities, but to cunningly change the color of white roses.

To do this we need to acquire a bouquet of white roses, a plastic vase, water, sugar and blue food coloring. This is the element that will dye the roses, so you can pick and choose whatever color you'd prefer: Red, violet, green, yellow, orange, black... You can dye roses in every possible color!

It is a simple and fast technique with excellent results. You'll enjoy decorating your home or arranging a lovely, romantic gift, choosing the color that best matches your purposes. Surely you will surprise your guests.

On OneHowTo you can discover the meaning behind blue roses.


In order to create natural blue roses, the first thing to do is to fill a vase with water up to a three-quarter of its capacity. Add two or three tablespoons of blue food coloring, depending on the intensity of the shade you want to give to the flower. Stir a little with a plastic spoon so that the dye is distributed throughout the liquid.

Get the white roses that you're going to dye. You can buy them or cut them from your own terrace or garden. If you pick them from your own rose garden, remember to cut not only the flower but also a length of stem, which will soak up the water.

How to Create Natural Blue Roses - Step 2

Once you have the white roses, place the stems in the vase with the blue dyed water. Do not let the petals of the flower soak in the water; keep the flower above water level. The dye will be applied not by dipping the flower in the blue liquid but by waiting for the suction through the stem. This way the flower will last longer and it will acquire the blue hue with the passing hours.

Roses must absorb all the dye to turn blue, so it's best to leave the stem submerged for 48 hours. Gradually, you will see how they acquire the desired shade. If they reach the blue you want before the two days have passed, you can remove them.


Finally, transfer the roses to their final location. To do this, choose the vase that you like and fill it with water. A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, as they say, so add it to the water and keep them fresh! Pop in the roses and voila! You have your beautiful bouquets of blue roses.


It is important, however, to know that tinted roses can fade and stain, as clothes bleed dye. For this reason, this method is not appropriate to make a bridal bouquet, for example, because the dyed blue roses can stain clothing.

You can combine roses with other flowers or roses of different colors. You can dye flowers any color you want with this easy and simple method. Add a personal touch to your home!

This is how to create natural blue roses. If you'd rather grow them directly in your garden, read our article on how to grow blue roses.

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How to Create Natural Blue Roses
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How to Create Natural Blue Roses

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