What Does a Black Rose Mean - Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. May 4, 2017
What Does a Black Rose Mean - Symbolic Meaning of Flowers

Flowers are always considered to be a perfect medium to express emotions and to show expressions that words can’t. They have been used since ages to communicate feelings without words. Among the millions of flowers in this nature, roses have captured our attention since times immemorial. No other flowers can express passion and love as roses can. However, roses can be found in a variety of colors, and each color has its own meaning and symbolism. The most common red and pink roses symbolize love and romance, whites show peace, but blacks are uncommon. Black roses have been linked to death, magic and stunning beauty. We have already told you what blue and white roses symbolize. When we talk about black roses, this oneHOWTO article will depict what a black rose means and symbolizes.

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  1. Mourning and death
  2. A tragic ending
  3. Loss of hope
  4. Hatred and revenge
  5. A new beginning
  6. Rebirth
  7. Use in politics

Mourning and death

The unnatural, non-pastel color of black roses inspires a strong feeling of mystic and supernatural. It has always been connected with mourning and death. It is commonly used in funerals to grieve the death of a loving person. If a person is leaving for a journey from where he is not expected to return safely, then it is appropriate to send a black rose to that person. So, a black rose is also used as a symbol of farewell with sadness.

What Does a Black Rose Mean - Symbolic Meaning of Flowers - Mourning and death

A tragic ending

A black rose is never given to your significant other in a romantic relationship, as it commonly symbolizes a tragic ending to a relationship. Not only a romantic relationship, it can also symbolize an ending to a friendship, career or even idea. So, when you send this rose to a loved one, it can be taken as a symbol of death of your relationship.

Loss of hope

A black rose is often taken as a symbol of impurity, revenge, ugliness and immortality. When sent to a person, it often signifies no hope, no return and final farewell. This symbolizes goodbye, no hope for any communication in future, and no return from a perilous journey.

Hatred and revenge

A black rose can also symbolize hatred towards the other person. If you are feeling revengeful towards your enemy, send him a black rose to refresh your enmity and feel hatred towards each other once again. It also shows that there is no hope for reconciliation and you are still in the mood of hatred and revenge.

What Does a Black Rose Mean - Symbolic Meaning of Flowers - Hatred and revenge

A new beginning

Unlike all the ugliness and sadness black roses are associated with, they are also sometimes associated with a new beginning. Ending one relationship may mean beginning of a new one. It is also taken as a token of freedom, when you are freed from a binding and forceful relationship. With a black rose, you are untied from that unwanted relationship, and now you are free to rejuvenate and look for new possibilities.


Black roses are not just related to death and ending. They sometimes symbolize rebirth as well, just like the phoenix does. These flowers sometimes represent ending of bad habits that you were trying to quit for a long time. It can also signify the end of a bad experience and making way of a new beginning. It is commonly used as a symbol of death, but we often forget that rebirth is the next step after death. So, a black rose is not all bad, but it has a positive light associated with it as well. If an old and ill person dies, death may bring comfort to him as well as to others in his family. So, in such times, black roses are used as symbols of rebirth, freedom from struggles and beginning of a new life.

Use in politics

A black rose often signified Ireland during the time when they were not allowed to be mentioned as a sovereign country by the English authorities. In addition to that, the black rose was also used in the history to symbolize anarchist movements in world politics.

What Does a Black Rose Mean - Symbolic Meaning of Flowers - Use in politics
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What Does a Black Rose Mean - Symbolic Meaning of Flowers