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The Symbolic Meaning of Yellow Flowers

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Symbolic Meaning of Yellow Flowers

Flowers are always a wonderful gift, because they allow us to convey feelings such as love, affection or happiness in a subtle and delicate way. They are also a decorative element that many people like to have at home to give the place a much warmer, more natural look. But before choosing the color of the flowers, it is very important to know its meaning for a suitable present. Do you like the color yellow? On OneHowTo we explain more on the symbolic meaning of yellow flowers.

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Yellow flowers are loaded with positive symbolism, but this color should not be given to a couple, as it means that their love it is not as strong and that the feeling is more like a friendship. If you are looking to give a gift to your partner, it is best to choose red roses - the symbol of love and passion.

The Symbolic Meaning of Yellow Flowers - Step 1

Because this is very vibrant tone, one of the symbolic meanings of yellow flowers is associated with joy and energy. The intense color is perfect when you want to wish a friend or relative a speedy recovery, or if anyone close to us is going through a moment of sadness. Yellow plants have the ability to illuminate everything around them.

More specifically, yellow roses are associated to the sun and warmth, which is why it is the perfect gift to cheer up someone who is down.

The Symbolic Meaning of Yellow Flowers - Step 2

Yellow is also a color that symbolizes intelligence, so yellow flowers are perfect to celebrate an academic achievement, promotion or any target that has to do with the intellectual abilities and / or hard work of an individual.

The Symbolic Meaning of Yellow Flowers - Step 3

Moreover, given the joy they convey, yellow flowers are perfect to celebrate a new life and they are ideal to give to the parents of a new-born baby. This color invites us to live with enthusiasm, filling positivism, thus yellow flowers have very cheerful and encouraging effects, perfect meanings for a nice occasion to celebrate with family and close friends.

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Yellow tulips also have their own meaning too. Take a look at our article: what does a yellow tulip mean for more information on the subject.

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The Symbolic Meaning of Yellow Flowers