The Symbolic Meaning of Red Tulips

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
The Symbolic Meaning of Red Tulips

Nothing better to spice up your home than some gorgeous flowers. Flowers are also a great way to show affection to a loved one, and we all know that a red rose means love. Each and every flower and its colour is linked to a concept. Tulips are no exception. Tulips are the most popular type of flower and they have become a flower that conveys elegance and some other things... Do you want to know the symbolic meaning of red tulips? Well, don't miss out because explains further.

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Tulips are very popular plants. There's about 150 species in different colors, sizes and shapes so they do vary slightly, but the most popular of all are red tulips - just as we all love those beautiful red roses.

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Although its origins date back to the Middle East and its name comes from a Turkish word meaning turban, it is in Holland where tulips obtained their real boom to the point that today the flower is strongly associated with the beautiful European country. Between 1610 and 1620 the tulip came to the Netherlands causing a huge revolution and everyone wanted to plant them. Their prices rose sharply, this phenomenon was called tulip mania.


Today the Netherlands are the main producers of tulips in the world, including the species that is the subject of this article: the red tulip.

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And if you've come here to discover the symbolic meaning of red tulips, you're about to find out! This beautiful and elegant flower in this color symbolizes true love. Surprise! When someone receives red tulips it is not just a declaration of love, but at the same time the giver admits that they believe in love with that person.

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Although they are similar to beautiful red roses which mean exactly the same, red tulips are much more original and colorful. Pop them in a gorgeous vase and they'll conquer any space. So now you know! If you want to convey your love or if you want to share your feelings, give your loved one some red tulips.


Another historical meaning of red tulips is that the person who gives them is asking the receiver to believe him or her. If someone is doubting you, a red tulip can also symbolize your desire to be believed.


Now you know the meaning of red tulips you may also want to learn the meaning of yellow tulips or other flowers such as Jasmine or Orchids.

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My spouse and I were visiting Holland during their Tulip Festival and it was truly magical. And, yes red tulips were in abundance! Thank you for reminding me of that wonderful visit so many years ago.
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Hi Lynn,

We are so glad we could help you relive some happy memories!
The Symbolic Meaning of Red Tulips
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The Symbolic Meaning of Red Tulips

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