Tips to preserve flowers

How to preserve fresh rose petals

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to preserve fresh rose petals

If you want to treat your home to a romantic and enchanting fragrance, flowers and plants are the perfect solution. With them you will not only get to decorate the house but will also fill each corner of your home with a very natural aroma. And if you have a special event and need to preserve flowers in perfect condition, do not miss the recommendations in OneHowTo on how to preserve fresh rose petals.

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Steps to follow:


To keep rose petals and have them retain their fragrance for longer our advice is to keep them in a plastic bag in a dry place at room temperature.

How to preserve fresh rose petals - Step 1

Another important detail to preserve petals in good condition is to store them in a place where they do not lose their shape. Remember you must avoid the petals from becoming squashed.


A simple trick to keep rose petals is to store them in the refrigerator and inside their corresponding plastic bag. If you keep it as such and in the refrigerator you will get your petals to last up to a week.


To enjoy the scent of the rose and store the petalsfor longer, do not forget to keep these away from sunshine, extreme heat and humidity. So make sure you keep the petals in an airtight bag or box, away from all these climatic conditions.

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How to preserve fresh rose petals