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How to Wash Flannel Sheets

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Wash Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets are a great alternative to turning the heating on at night. Thanks to the use of cotton, wool and synthetic fibres, they give the sheets a great feeling of softness and warmth which will turn them into your favourite winter sheets. However, they are winter sheets that require special care due to the mixture of fibres. If washed and dried properly, they will last longer and you will be able to enjoy them for many more years. OneHowTo will tell you how to wash flannel sheets so they won't go out of shape, lose their original quality or create lint.

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Steps to follow:


Put your flannel sheets inside out in the washing machine to protect the fibres, and avoid lint appearing in the first few washes. Put your new sheets in on a low temperature wash at first, with a short programme which avoids using an intensive spin. For subsequent washes, the ideal temperature for washing flannel sheets is 60 degrees if the sheets are white, 40 degrees if they are coloured and 30 degrees if the fabric is very delicate. However, always use short programmes with a gentle spin cycle.

How to Wash Flannel Sheets - Step 1

If your flannel sheets are embroidered or frilly, you should take more care with how you wash them, as they could get damaged. You are best using a net. Place them inside this net before putting them in the washing machine. In this way, the embroidery won't spoil and will stay as new.


It is always recommended that you wash sheets separately in the washer without mixing them with other clothes so they have enough space to wash more easily and safely. In fact, given they require a special washing temperature and the use of detergents, it is not advisable to mix them given they are not washed in the same way as other clothing items.

There may be traces of lint left inside the washing machine after washing your flannel sheets. If you're going to put another wash on, watch the clothes that you place inside so there is no lint remaining from the flannel sheets. It is best to rinse the machine before placing any other clothing inside.

How to Wash Flannel Sheets - Step 3

Don't use softener when you place your flannel sheets in on their own, as this product can cause balls of fibre, filling your sheets with lint and making them look older. Only use delicate fabric detergent.


When you take them out of the washing machine, as they haven't spin much, don't wring them out as you could make them go out of shape. You must hang them out straight away. If you place them in a dryer, do it on a low, almost cool, temperature. When taking them out, smooth out the creases with your hands and fold them up for storage.


One trick to make your flannel sheets last longer is to pour a cup of white vinegar into the washer and then insert the sheets. Vinegar sets the colour and prevents your sheets from fading after washing them. Instead of pouring vinegar directly into the washing machine, another option is to soak the sheets overnight in a little vinegar, and then wash them the next day with delicate fabric detergent.

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How to Wash Flannel Sheets