How To Wash A Feather Duvet

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Wash A Feather Duvet

Contrary to popular belief, it is not advisable to wash a duvet very frequently. What is recommended is about once approximately every 4 years because the quality of the padding would weaken. Keep in mind what your duvet is made of which will tell you how you have to wash it. Follow the advice of OneHowTo and find useful recommendations on washing feather duvets.

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Steps to follow:

First, follow the advice on the label attached to your duvet. Depending on the type of feather, you must either dry clean it or wash it with water. Do not skip the features of your quilt and keep that in mind, since it depends on their quality.

How To Wash A Feather Duvet - Step 1

If it is a type of feather which only allows dry cleaning, you should take it to a dry cleaner to get it done properly. They know how to do it properly and in a few days you'll have it cleaned and prepared so that it can be used or kept clean.

How To Wash A Feather Duvet - Step 2

If your quilt allows it, you can wash it gently in a washing machine with enough space for it to fit. This allows you to wash it comfortably at home and prepare it for use. Wash it at a low temperature and with a very soft spin-dry. If so, follow these tips so that you can get a clean duvet in a couple of days.


As this is a very large item, prepare the machine well with water and detergent because if you put your duvet in before the soap it will not reach all the duvet. Thus, conveniently dissolve it in the water before, so the detergent will reach all of the duvet making it easier to wash.


If you have specific stains, apply a stain remover before introducing it into the washing machine. In this way you will make sure that these will disappear in the first wash. Set your washing machine to perform an extensive washing in order to clean the item properly. But always program it for a delicate wash.


If you wish, you can put your duvet in the dryer. In fact, this is advisable, because if you don't, all the feathers will go to the bottom of the duvet. Once you put the dryer in, a tip is to put in a tennis ball or a sock stuffed with something in order to maintain the shape of the quilt and make it not clump together.

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  • Consult a professional whenever you have doubts.
  • Carefully read the label of your feather duvet.

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How To Wash A Feather Duvet
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How To Wash A Feather Duvet

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