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Tricks to Avoid Mosquito Bites

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
Tricks to Avoid Mosquito Bites

Are you tired of always getting bitten by mosquitoes? There are people who suffer more than others from the stings of these insects because of the smell coming from their body. It is imperceptible to our sense of smell but very detectable for mosquitoes. However, you don't need to resign yourself and accept this situation as there are some tricks to avoid mosquito bites that can hold them off and keep you well protected against their attacks. In this OneHowTo article you will discover some of the best tricks out there. Will you give them a try?

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Steps to follow:


Mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours like dark blue or black and also bright clothes in shades of yellow or fuchsia. So, to repel mosquitoes and get them to stop biting you, one of the best tricks involves dressing in light-coloured clothes like beige, white, sky blue and so on. These colours won't stimulate them and you'll be able to pass by unnoticed.


If you live in a tropical country or are going to camp outdoors in the summer, it is imperative that you cover your skin with clothes so this insect can't bite you. It is best to go for clothes that are light and fresh but cover any part of your skin that might be attacked by this insect.

So, the best thing is to wear long trousers or skirts and long sleeve t-shirts and leave tight clothes for another time. This is recommended for people who want to go hiking, camping or plan to spend all day outside. In these cases you should also wear mosquito repellent so it's even harder for them to bite you. In this article we explain you how to make a homemade mosquito repellent.

Tricks to Avoid Mosquito Bites - Step 2

You should also know that mosquitoes are attracted by sweat and the toxins that come through the pores on our skin during exercise. For this reason if you've been sweating a lot or have practised sport, it is best to have a shower and so eliminate any trace of sweat that might grab the attention of these insects.


Another trick so that mosquitos don't bite you is to equip your home with preventive measures to keep the insects away. The best thing is to install nets or meshes on the windows that allow air to enter your home but not these annoying insects. It is also a good idea to place a mosquito net around your bed so you can sleep without being disturbed.

You should also put an electrical appliance in your home that is designed to discourage these animals. They give off a buzzing that's imperceptible to the human ear but can be heard by these insects. Therefore, without even realising it you'll be fully protected.

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There is also a trick that works without fail to repel mosquitoes. Add capsules of vitamin B1 to your daily moisturiser or, if you prefer, you can swallow them daily. This nutrient causes our body to emit a specific odour when we sweat that scares mosquitoes away because they find it unpleasant.


Besides all this, there are also some natural products that ward off mosquitoes due to the smell they give off. Among them two stand out:

  • Lavender: the aroma from this plant is also perfect to prevent mosquitoes from biting you. As we just discussed, with lavender you can also apply the oil onto your skin or, if you prefer, keep a plant outside to protect your house from these insects. You can also buy incense or candles that have this smell to protect yourself.
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Another trick to prevent mosquitoes from biting you is to get some glasses and fill them with a mixture of 1/4 white vinegar and water. The smell of vinegar also acts as a natural repellent to keep you protected while inside your home. It is best to put this glass on the window or the areas where you think they usually enter and change the mixture once every 2 or 3 days so that their effect is not diminished.

If you still get one or two mosquito bites there are ways in which you can relieve their itchiness in a natural way.

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Tricks to Avoid Mosquito Bites