Getting rid of fleas at home

Why Are There Fleas in My House?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
Why Are There Fleas in My House?

Fleas are parasites that feed on human and animal blood in order to live. Having fleas at home causes discomfort for the entire family, because fleas bite humans and pets. Fleas bites cause much despair because most people don't know how to get rid of them. You might be wondering 'why are there fleas in my house' since you probably never had such problem before. It might be due to several factors, and the following OneHowTo will explain them in details. Keep reading and find out why are there fleas in my house

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The problem of fleas at home usually occurs more frequently during spring and autumn. They are rainy seasons which aren't excessively hot; they present the ideal temperature for fleas to be airborne and end up in our house. However, the location of the house and family habits can make it easier to have fleas in the house, bed or yard.

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If you are asking yourself 'why are there fleas in my house', the first thing you need to know is that fleas at home tend to be more common in country houses rather than in the city. This is due to the greater chance for our pets to be around places where fleas are present and carry fleas in our yard. Fleas prosper in open spaces such as yards or gardens, then pets carry them in.


It is more common for fleas to be in a household with pets, even in the city. Pets interact with each other in the street, and they pass fleas to each others. Then it is very easy to get fleas at home because they cling to different household linen such as curtains, sheets, towels or rugs. That is also why you might end up wondering 'why are there fleas in my bed'. Despite living on our animal's skin, fleas' eggs can fall and develop quietly in every corner of the house. If 'fleas in my house' is your problem, we suggest that you read our article on how to get rid fleas in your home.

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Humidity is one of the main factors to consider if you want to avoid fleas at home. Humidity is responsible for the nesting and spreading of fleas at home, because it is the best environment for these parasites to encounter one another and reproduce.

If your house has little natural natural light and there is damp, you're at a greater risk of developing fleas at home. That is why it's important to get as much sunlight as possible and to use dehumidifiers in order to avoid fleas in my house.


It is also easier for fleas to prosper in a house with poor hygiene. The remotest corners of the house, those which are hardest to reach and clean, can become infection hot spots where fleas at home develop and reproduce. If you are asking yourself 'why I have fleas in my bed' you should know that mattresses are very attractive for fleas, due to their quantity of dirt and mites. In order to avoid fleas at home, you always need to keep the mattress as clean as possible. In the following article you can learn how to clean a mattress.

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Houses with a lot of heating and a warm environment (if it's not dry) are more likely to suffer a flea infestation. In the same way that houses with carpets or lots of rugs provide pleasant, warm conditions for fleas at home to prosper.

If you are interested in getting rid of fleas naturally, follow our advice.

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Why Are There Fleas in My House?