Getting rid of fleas at home

How to Keep Fleas Out of your Home

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Keep Fleas Out of your Home

Fleas are a problem in many households, especially those with gardens and in cases where our pets live with us. We must be cautious and prevent our home from becoming infested with fleas that can attack us with their annoying bites and hidden diseases.

There are several solutions to prevent this from happening and to banish fleas from your home, staying safe from that plague. To learn how to keep fleas out of your home, read the following OneHowTo article where we will provide the guidelines to ward off these nasty invaders.

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Steps to follow:


To keep fleas out of your garden, the first thing you have to do is avoid an excess build-up of moisture because it is in these places where fleas feel more at ease when going about their nasty activities. Always keep the grass short and remove weeds or elements may keep the moisture levels up high.

Keep your garden well-maintained and as dry as possible, since it's very likely that it is the fleas' point of access to your home.

How to Keep Fleas Out of your Home - Step 1

Fleas attach onto pets; this is the easiest way for fleas to invade your home, as they are carried in the animal's coat, breaking past your home's defenses. To combat this and to prevent fleas from nesting on your pets, bathe them regularly with flea shampoo to repel invaders.

Wash very well the area around the animal's neck, since there is where fleas cling more frequently. After bathing, apply a rosemary boiled in water by spraying it all along the animal to ward off these pesky insects. The use of pipettes, sprays and products to avoid parasites is also highly recommended. You can also opt for home remedies to remove fleas which will help to keep the intruders at bay.

How to Keep Fleas Out of your Home - Step 2

Another solution that can help ward off fleas on our pets is to rub or tie a tissue around their neck once a week sprayed with an anti-flea natural solution. This can be citronella spray, which is a natural anti-parasite agent, scented tea tree or lavender.

These strong odors scare fleas away and keep them from infesting your beloved pets. Failing that, we can use flea collars - special collars that are sold in pet shops.

How to Keep Fleas Out of your Home - Step 3

To ward off fleas from inside the house, always keep it clean and run the hoover round the place frequently. Thus, if any fleas still exist, this procedure will soon eliminate them. You can sprinkle baking soda on carpets, curtains or clothes, as this kills fleas dead, so you make sure that none linger on textiles. Apply it especially in those places that do not get any sunlight and thus may gather humidity.

Wash all home linen weekly with long programs at 40 degrees to kill any flea eggs and larvae. You can also use the dryer to make sure that they're all dead as a doornail.

For more tips on what to do if there already are fleas inside your home, take a look at our article on how to get rid of fleas.

How to Keep Fleas Out of your Home - Step 4

Another way to keep fleas out of your home is to fill a aluminum container with soap and water and then place it in a strategic place, such as under a table or behind a cabinet. Always be careful your pet does not reach it. Thus, the fleas will be trapped in this solution of soap and water and you can remove them easily. You can repeat this cleansing system and change it every four days.


As dry heat repels fleas, a good system to prevent moisture at home and keep it dry is to have a dehumidifier. Depending on the wetter areas of the house, you will need one or more devices.


There are home remedies to keep fleas out of your home that you can prepare yourself, including:

  • Plant pennyroyal mint around your house. If you have a garden, plant it in areas where there's generally less sun, and if you can, place pots around the house and on balconies.
  • Citrus repel fleas, so you can prepare a solution at home by heating lemon slices in water and letting it boil. The next morning, you can add this mixture into a spray bottle and spray your house and your pet.
  • Place white vinegar in a spray bottle. Mix it with equal parts water and spray your clothes and home once a week. If you add soap to this mix, you can use it as a surface cleaner to ward off fleas as well.
How to Keep Fleas Out of your Home - Step 7

This is how to keep fleas out of your home. If you have any more tips on how to prevent fleas from invading your home, please tell us in the comments section!

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Lois Bacon
When I get fleas in the house I use a fine mesh stainless steel strainer with diatomaceous earth, it needs to be food grade, and I lightly sprinkle it on the carpet and in my Catio. It works its way into the carpet buy walking on it. It works great for controlling fleas. I don’t put it on too much because I don’t want the cats breathing it. Just once in a while during the summer. If I vacuum I can always apply more.
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How to Keep Fleas Out of your Home