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10 Household Uses For Ammonia

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10 Household Uses For Ammonia

Ammonia is a gas which dissolves in water and can be used in many different ways, but particularly as a household cleaner. Its potent properties make it an effective product for removing dirt and stains from numerous surfaces. However, it's very important to know that when using it at home to clean, you should never mix bleach and ammonia together, because it'll cause a highly toxic chemical reaction. If you'd like to learn about the 10 uses for ammonia, read this article.

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You can use a certain type of ammonia as agricultural fertilizer. You should only use the pure anhydrous ammonia that contains no water. Although this use for ammonia is largely unknown, the fact is that over 80% of the manufactured ammonia is used for agriculture.

You can add ammonia to your plants too. You just need to add one quarter of a cup of ammonia per gallon of water and water your alkaline soil-based plants.


One of the best known uses for ammonia is as a degreaser, so it's an effective cleaner to remove stains and grease splatters on the stove, countertops, stainless steel surfaces, tiles and other dirty surfaces. Just remember not to use ammonia on marble surfaces. For tips on cleaning marble, see our article on how to clean marble.


Similarly, you can dilute ammonia in water to clean the oven. This solution can be effectively used to remove grease or other burned food from the inside of the oven.

For a more natural, non toxic alternative, try cleaning the oven with lemon.


Furthermore, it's advisable to clean windows and mirrors with ammonia to get exceptional results. Using this product, it'll be easier to remove all kinds of stains or fingerprints and you'll get sparkling windows in a matter of minutes. You can take a look at more tricks in our article Tips for cleaning glass and windows.


Among the 10 uses for ammonia, is to use it as a tile cleaner, either in the bathroom or kitchen. This chore is not something you do very often, so this powerful cleaning product can help keep the tiled floors and walls clean and sparkling.


Diluted ammonia with water is also used to clean wooden floors and furniture. It can additionally be used to strip wood and remove furniture polish or paint. For this reason, it's important that you dilute the ammonia with water.


On the other hand, you can use ammonia to clean clothes, since it's also effective for removing stains from fabrics. For example, you can remove wine stains with ammonia but first try a little on a spot that isn't visible, to prevent damaging the clothing item.


You can also use ammonia to clean and remove dirt from shoes that are made of non-washable fabrics. You can use a mixture of water, ammonia and soap to clean all types of shoes from sneakers, to leather shoes and even espadrilles. For example, they are used to wash white converse fabric.


Similarly, another use for ammonia is to clean carpets and rugs, because it's especially effective at removing stains from such material. In this case, it's helpful to use a spray bottle to apply the ammonia and water solution to the dirty spots on the carpets.


Ammonia is also very effective in eliminating odors from fabrics, such as those from moisture or mold in dishcloths or towels. To do this, add some ammonia when washing them and you'll see how the odor disappears. Furthermore, you can use this product as a fabric softener, due to the fact that it reduces static electricity.


If you would like more information, check this OneHowTo article on how to use ammonia to clean.


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  • Another of the uses of ammonia is to get rid of the soot accumulated in glass that has been in contact with fire.
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Pure ammonia boils at -33c at 1 atmosphere, so no, don't look for anhydrous ammonia.
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Does Amonia--what ratio of dilution--kill bed bug eggs & nymphs in laundry??
Does it kill bedbugs?
Not as far as we're aware of. Anyway, it doesn't sound like a good idea to apply ammonia on a mattress as it could soak the liquid and remember that's where you sleep! Take a look at these alternatives:

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10 Household Uses For Ammonia
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10 Household Uses For Ammonia