Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines

By Mary Smith. May 27, 2021
Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines

We take it for granted that a garden or some sort of fauna is a part of the home. Whether you have massive lawns or a tiny balcony, using plants to decorate our homes has many benefits. It not only looks beautiful, but it keeps our air fresher and helps to instill a sense of calm. Since there are so many different types of homes and gardens, we need to ensure we get the right plants for them. It can be too easy to overlook creeper plants. These are vines which can attach themselves to walls to sustain themselves. Some do not flower, but there are many that do.

Whether you have a bare wall which needs sprucing up or simply want to try something different, oneHOWTO provides you with 10+ flowering climbing plants and vines to give you some inspiration. We also provide photos of each so you can have an idea how they might look in your home.

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1. Ivy

The best options for flowering climbers are to choose perennial vines. Perennial plants are those which live more than two years. When you are choosing a vine, it will take over a wall or similar vertical space. If the plant was to die after a short time, it means you will have to replant and re-design the area.

Ivy is perhaps one of the most famous climbing plants, but it is not always known for having flowers. However, there are indeed flowering ivy plants. Choosing a perennial ivy means they can survive in different temperatures. Their blooms are not as showy as other plants, but they can be ideal for you.

To learn more, check out our article on how to care for devil's ivy.

Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines - 1. Ivy

2. Passion flower or passion vine

We love passion vines so much as they can turn even the most humble corners of your garden into a little paradise. Their flowers often have purple and pink tones. They can bear edible fruits, which are also beautiful and great for decorative purposes. They are relatively easy to care for as long as they have light and water in abundance. However, they will need protection from frost in places which low temperatures.

Passion flower is also used for various purposes when reduce to its essence. Lean more with our article on how to take passion flower.

Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines - 2. Passion flower or passion vine

3. Clematis

Both its beauty and its variety will captivate you, making it a must for your garden. When spring arrives, these climbing plants will surprise you with their red, white, purple or blue flowers. However, clematis is too demanding a plant if you are a beginner in gardening. You need a stable temperature, plenty of water and drainage, plus shade if it's hot.

Like all vines, you may want to control the clematis. You can do this in various ways. You could buy a specially purposed trellis or you could even improvise by using a ladder or similar structure.

Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines - 3. Clematis

4. Mandevilla

Also known as rocktrumpet, mandevilla is a great option for climbing plants with a strong and beautiful fragrance. This climbing vine grows quite fast, so you must bear this in mind before planting it. Make you you sheath their roots and give them plenty of space. It likes heat and water, both in abundance. It is not an option if you live somewhere with low temperatures and little sun.

If you do live somewhere with not much sun, you might want to choose some indoor plants suitable for low light.

Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines - 4. Mandevilla

5. Wisteria

If you like blue, lilac or pink tones, wisteria is your vine of choice. In addition, wisteria is adaptable and grows without much difficulty in any type of soil, as long as it is moist and capable of providing good drainage to the plant. It is very invasive. This can be good if you have a large wall space you want to cover. However, it also needs a lot of pruning and care, so you will need to ensure you are capable to take care of it.

Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines - 5. Wisteria

6. Bougainvillea

If you're looking for flowering climbing plants that can be grown in a pot, bougainvillea is one of the most common. It is often placed in the corner of a patio. Almost immediately, you will see it grow and the planter disappears, only to be replaced by beautiful fuchsia flowers.

Bougainvillea is an ideal perennial climbing plant. It does not require special temperatures, as long as they are stable and pleasant. If you are looking for a garden plant that can be grown in a pot, you may want to check out the best cold weather plants for potting.

Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines - 6. Bougainvillea

7. Potato vine

Don't be confused by the name, these flowers are not big brown spuds. They are beautiful dainty blooms which often become white, but can have a variety of shapes and colors. Also known as jasmine nightshade, they are a particularly good ornamental vine. They grow relatively slowly. if you provide thr right care, their small flowers can develop an intoxicating fragrance come summer time.

Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines - 7. Potato vine

8. Climbing roses

This plant is a climbing rose bush that blooms during spring. Due to its movement, it is commonly known as the rambling rose. It is easily entangled by surfaces and structures. Like other roses, their blooms can appear in a variety if colors, including white, red, yellow or pink petals.

For non-climbing roses, you can learn with us how to prune a rose bush.

Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines - 8. Climbing roses

9. Common jasmine

If you are looking for cold-resistant climbing plants, jasmine is one of your best options. It withstands extreme temperatures quite well, whether hot or cold. In addition, opting for this species is a great idea, not only for the beauty of its flowers, but especially for the smell they give off. As if that were not enough, it is an easy plant to care for, if the soil is sufficiently drained.

If you are going to grow this plant, you can learn about related information on how to care for a garden jasmine plant.

Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines - 9. Common jasmine

10. Honeysuckle

The lonicera japonica is ideal for sunny or shady places where it grows considerably fast. In rich, well-drained soil, it will decorate your garden with flowers that are spectacular in size, beauty and perfume. Also, if you decide on a honeysuckle (also known as Japanese honeysuckle), you will have to be very aware its growth. Always be ready to prune and don't let it get away from you.

Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines - 10. Honeysuckle

11. Thunbergia

This plant is known by various names, including thunbergias and clockvine. It is a very common climbing plant with various different species. Its flowers are usually orange and last for a long time. In addition, it requires simple care and it is the ideal plant to allow it to climb between the gaps in the pergolas and lattices in your garden.

You may also want to use the above vines to adorn your patio or balcony. Take a look at our article on the best plants for your balcony to get some more inspiration.

Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines - 11. Thunbergia

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Flowering Climbing Plants and Vines
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