How does a Smart Thermostat Work

By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: July 3, 2019
How does a Smart Thermostat Work

Not only have phones become smartphones taking over the way we communicate; but thermostats for the house are often referred as smart thermostats. Smart thermostats are technological savvy systems that enable you to remotely control your home’s central heating system through your phone, tablet or computer. Technological advancements are making it possible that through your phone your are able to send a command directly to your home's thermostat to increase the temperature before your get home and automatically shut off if you see the skies are clearing up early.

In this OneHowTo article we explain how does a smart thermostat work.

Steps to follow:

Traditionally, you would control your home’s heating and cooling system through your thermostat. This system allows you to program the temperature and set up a 24-hour schedule. However, sometimes these thermostats will fail to monitor if temperature levels are stable around the house having to resort to buying a heater.


Smart thermostats go way beyond by using intelligent systems. Initially, you would have to install the smart thermostat on your existing thermostat system so that it is connected to your boiler, and then download the corresponding app. The steps are fairly easy and may be performed by the user.

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Smart thermostats make use of precise sensor systems in order to favor energy saving mechanisms. The thermostat will monitor your daily routines in order to devise common patterns to then work anatomically. It is essentially learning when you are in the house and when you are at work to regulate the temperature accordingly.


One of the main benefits of smart thermostats is the ability to learn which are the best pattern systems to save up energy and money. It will suggest optimal temperature levels and send an alert when consumption is too high.

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The system is connected to your electronic devices through WiFi. Many brands are compatible with iOS and Android devices and are able to connect up to 10 different thermostats. This is available for large buildings just by following a centralization system.


In order to regulate temperature efficiently, most thermostats make use of up to three different temperature sensors along a humidity sensor. It may be that certain areas of the room heat up more quickly than others.

Additionally, some will also have light and motion sensors to detect incoming sunlight and human activity in the room. All of these may generate heat inside a room.



You will be able to have all this information on your portable device to access at any point during the day. Along with being able to schedule different temperature levels you may be able to send remote action messages to start the activation of the mechanisms. For instance, you may be able to start heating your house when you are about to drive home from work.


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The next developments in smart thermostats are being tested around creating a speech recognition system that will use voice to activate and deactivate the thermostat. At home you may direct your thermostat to turn on the AC; as well as be able to send a voice command through your phone if you are away.

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How does a Smart Thermostat Work
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How does a Smart Thermostat Work

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