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How to build a natural swimming pool

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to build a natural swimming pool
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For those who enjoy living in a greener way, natural pools are a great solution. However, for their construction it is important to note some basics in order to achieve the perfect space. In OneHowTo.com we explain how to build a natural swimming pool, evaluating the most important points for its completion.

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Steps to follow:


Construction of natural pools, and the other ponds, requires the involvement of a professional. Only a specialist can tell if the ground is suitable, how much should be dug out and the type of materials that are appropriate for use. Therefore it is recommended to evaluate quotes and request all necessary information before choosing the person to carry out this work.


Before starting the construction of the natural pool is very important to make a study of the climate and soil, as it will be the results of this that will determine what materials and plants are suitable for this space.


As with any pool construction, when it is a natural one we must choose a good space in the garden, free from the shade of trees to prevent the water filling with leaves. The size of the excavation clearly depends on the space available. Take into account you will not only need space to dig but you'll also need half of the size of your pool to plant your shallow plants.


Get advice about natural pool systems from which you can choose. The final choice will depend mainly on the climate of where you live and your budget. Note that this type of pool, in order to look like really natural, often also use pumps, pipes and waterfalls to try to emulate a natural pond.


In natural pools two different areas are built: an area for swimming and another one for regeneration, where most of the plants will be installed and where larvae, insects, frogs etc. will also exist.

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The gravel and sand filters as well as the plants will be responsible for maintaining the water in the pool clean, so get good advice on what will work best for yours. As for the plants you can choose to place them in a specific and separate area of the pond, or in the area for swimming. The choice depends on your preferences, but it will be the climate of the area which will determine the type of plant you may purchase.

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Although it attempts to emulate nature, it is not recommended to have animals like fish or ducks in the natural pool, as the water will get significantly dirty. If you want to install fish in the area it is necessary to get advice about which species are appropriate.


For maintenance, a natural pool is no greater expense than a conventional pool; in fact it is even more practical because it does not require the chemicals used to clean the water of a conventional pool and it is not necessary to empty it but simply top up the water that evaporates occasionally.

For those who like gardening, the plants of the natural pools are also great entertainment with maintenance that can be carried out personally.


Natural pools are an alternative which are ecological and beautiful that allow your home to gain added value, creating a perfect space for relaxation and contact with nature without having to leave home.

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Image: www.stroim-s-umom.ru
Image: en.wikipedia.org
Image: en.wikipedia.org
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How to build a natural swimming pool