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How To Decorate A Small Garden

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: June 4, 2019
How To Decorate A Small Garden

Don't be discouraged if your garden is small and you don't know how to decorate it and improve its appearance. You can always do something to improve the look of your garden, it's not hard and you just need to decide when to start. Decorating your garden is something you can go do in stages, working on one area at a time and slowly adding in decorative pieces to achieve your dream garden.

Steps to follow:


As for the lighting in a small garden it is best to use small lights at different angles rather than one main light. This will help to achieve greater intimacy and create different spaces that will give more character to your garden.

How To Decorate A Small Garden - Step 1

As for garden furniture, use fewer items and choose those with simple and clean lines. A couple of chairs and a small table or bench with cushions is enough.

How To Decorate A Small Garden - Step 2

Use large pots for larger plants like roses or fruit trees. Smaller decorated pots also work very well in this type of garden. What is important is where to place them. Use hanging baskets or create a vertical garden to optimize your space.

How To Decorate A Small Garden - Step 3

You can decorate a window by placing a pot of colorful flowers plants that you like below it to optimize your space and give a colorful touch to both the house and the garden.

How To Decorate A Small Garden - Step 4

Decorations for this type of garden shouldn't be big in order to avoid overloading the space: you can place modern sculptures, forged iron accessories and even a custom mural on one wall. You can give your flower pots a double function and use original objects that serve as decoration by themselves too. You can find original ideas in our article on how to decorate a garden with waste material.

How To Decorate A Small Garden - Step 5

Play with colors and pair your flowers freely with accessories until you find the best place to put them in your garden.


Make sure you plant flowers and plants that don't grow too much so the garden doesn't get overgrown too fast. You should also take into account that you should leave some space between plants so they can grow properly and freely. Use plant pots instead of flower beds to make sure they don't grow too much.

Make sure you don't use too many plants that grow tall, as they won't let the sunshine in your garden and they will give you a more enclosed sensation.


A small water feature, a cobbled path, a bird feeder or a bird bath will bring both life and character to your small garden and will make you feel in nature even more.

How To Decorate A Small Garden - Step 8

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How To Decorate A Small Garden