How to Clean Hobs on a Cooker

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Clean Hobs on a Cooker

The hobs are the next task on our household cleaning list. However, they are not as difficult to clean as you think. The key is to know the right tricks and have the proper cleaning materials. We take care of the rest, explaining some good tips to help you keep your kitchen always clean. Want to know how? Well, take note, because at OneHowTo we tell you how to clean hobs on a cooker.

Steps to follow:

If you are faithful to vintage charm and you still have not got a modern electric hob, our advice today will be useful for removing dirt from the cooker or stove. And remember that the clean-up should be performed frequently to prevent grease build-up and maintain a safe cooking environment. So check the hobs are cool.


To clean hobs on a cooker we recommend using an oven cleaner, which you can buy in any store or supermarket.


Also do not forget to apply these products using a cloth or steel scrubber, which we only use for household cleaning as a matter of hygiene.

Clean a hob burner

Put on some rubber cloves to remove any loose dirt that you can get rid of with your fingers to start with.To clean a hob burner, you'll just need to warm up some water and dilute the cleaning product in it. Put it in a spray pot and lightly spray the burners. Leave it to act for five minutes and use a cloth to clean it off. Do not use the liquid directly on the burner as it may stay damp for a long time, making it difficult to light.

Clean hob rings

Take the rings off the hob and use the same bowl of warm water and leave them to soak for one ore two minutes. Next, use a clean cloth to scrub them until they are completely clean. You can also use a toothbrush to get rid of the harder bits. Rinse them with cold water and leave them to dry completely before putting them back into place.

How to Clean Hobs on a Cooker - Step 3

And once you've applied the product, remember to rinse the surface with a cloth dampened with water and wait for the hobs to dry completely before using them again.


But if you like homemade tricks that are passed from one generation to another, do not forget that vinegar is another great substance for removing dirt from hobs. What you should do is put a splash of vinegar in hot water, and then place the hobs into the solution, which must be soaked for about an hour. Remember to rinse and let dry before using again. It's that easy!

Have you found these tips useful? Do not forget to share with us your own tricks and experiences on how to clean hobs on a cooker.

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How to Clean Hobs on a Cooker
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How to Clean Hobs on a Cooker

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