How to Clean Your House to Get Rid of Parvo

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 22, 2020
How to Clean Your House to Get Rid of Parvo

Parvovirus is a highly contagious infectious canine disease. Not only can it spread from one dog to another through oral contact, but it can also be transmitted through stools or vomit. This means that it can also be present on our floors, clothing and shoes, basically anywhere where our dog has been.

If your dog has died after contracting this disease and you have another dog or want to adopt another one, we recommend that you make sure to disinfect your home to get rid of parvo in the house. Keep reading here at oneHOWTO to discover how to disinfect your home from the canine parvovirus.

Canine parvovirus

If you plan to adopt another dog, it is best to wait a year to be absolutely sure that the floor of the home, the patio and above all the dog’s kennel are not infected by parvovirus. This virus can live outside of an animal for months and survive instead in soil and other objects.

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How to get rid of parvo in home

If you already have another dog or you do not want to wait so long to adopt a new pet there are some effective ways to disinfect the home from the parvovirus.

The first thing you must do is discard all of the infected dog's toys and accessories, such as the food bowl, bed, toys, blanket, collar, etc., as these will all be infected. Make sure to throw them out an buy brand new ones.

Parvo disinfectant

Then, to disinfect your home, prepare a household disinfectant made from water and bleach to function as a parvo disinfectant.

Remember that bleach is a quite aggressive product and must be used with gloves, a mask and care. You should only use a very small amount, for example, a single teaspoon for each cup of water in the mixture. Before you begin cleaning you should make sure there are no animals or children in the kitchen or the home, as they can be harmed by this product.

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How to Clean Your House to Get Rid of Parvo - Parvo disinfectant

Get rid of parvo in the ground

Take a stiff-bristle brush and clean make sure you clean every corner of the floor. It is a task that requires dedication for a good result to completely disinfect the area of parvovirus. If you already have another dog, make sure you also sanitize all of its utensils such as food bowl, kennel etc.

After using the homemade disinfectant, rinse with water and dry well.

Get rid of parvo in home with water and chlorine

For efficiency, prepare a solution with water and chlorine in equal parts to rinse the floor and all parvovirus contaminated objects. It is very important that the areas where an infected dog may have deposited its feces, like urine or vomit, are rinsed thoroughly with this mixture.

We recommend repeating this process to ensure that your house is fully disinfected from parvovirus.

How to get rid of parvo outside

If you have a patio or terrace, then this area must also be disinfected following the above procedure, with particular emphasis placed on the floor and outdoor furniture.

Remember that your clothes can also be infected with the parvovirus. So you must wash them in hot water to eliminate the parasite. The same goes for bed linens, towels or rugs that have been in contact with an infected dog.

How to Clean Your House to Get Rid of Parvo - How to get rid of parvo outside

How to get rid of parco in carpet

If your dog was used to climbing the sofa, spent time on the carpet or even on your bed, this will also require parvo disinfectant.

To disinfect the mattress, place a cup of baking powder and a teaspoon of essential oil (of your choice) into a container. Then take a fine mesh strainer and sieve the mixture over the entire mattress. Leave to act for an hour and then remove the baking powder mixture with a vacuum cleaner. Repeat the process once or twice, with an interval of one week between cleanings.

How to Clean Your House to Get Rid of Parvo - How to get rid of parco in carpet

Parvo cleaning protocol

After disinfecting your house it is advisable to wait 20 to 30 days before bringing in another animal into this space. Additionally, the best way to avoid infecting another dog is vaccinating it against the parvovirus, consult a veterinarian regarding the age of the puppy in order to prescribe the correct vaccine and dosage.


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Hi Susan,

We are sorry for the confusion. We have changed the text now so that the information is clearer. However, while baking soda and baking powder cannot be used interchangeably during baking, for this purpose both should work in a very similar way.
How to Clean Your House to Get Rid of Parvo
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How to Clean Your House to Get Rid of Parvo

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