How to cure clay pots with water

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to cure clay pots with water

If you just purchased a clay pot it is very important not begin to use it without conducting a healing process. This ritual is performed because the pores of the clay are open, so by putting them in contact with heat the pot could crack and even explode.

There are several methods to cure pots and you should also consider the type of clay from which it is made. Take note because on we teach you how to cure clay pots with water, ideal for pots, pans and large bowls, that will leave your pots in top shape so you can make your best stews.

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Steps to follow:

Dip your new clay pot in a container filled with water. This will help the pores of the clay to close and absorb a smaller amount of water for your cooking.


Let the pot stand between 6 to 8 hours submerged. Remember, the entire pot should be completely covered by water, including the cover.


During this process, you should see how bubbles are formed in the pan, which means that the pores are already filled with water and thus begin to close.


After the required time, remove the clay pot from the water and pat dry with paper towel or a dry cloth.


To finish to seal the pores, rub the bottom of the pot - on the outside - with a clove of garlic. Do not worry, the garlic flavour will not be impregnated in the pan or alter your cooking. Remember to only do it on the outside.

How to cure clay pots with water - Step 5

Finally, let the clay pot completely air dry before using it. If you use it right away it will smoke and the water in the pores will evaporate.

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Do clay pots have to be new? I have some that have been used once or twice should I cure them?
OneHowTo Editor
If they have been used at high heat with moisture in them and haven't broken, it's likely you don't need to.
I like this process very much, but does the pot need to be new??? I have some fairly new clay pots used once or twice. Help I love my pots.
How to cure clay pots with water
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How to cure clay pots with water

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