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How to Get Rid of Humidity from a Room by Using Salt

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How to Get Rid of Humidity from a Room by Using Salt

Excess humidity in our homes must be tackled as it can lead to unsightly wet spots on the walls and can lead to the appearance of mold that can have adverse effect on our health, especially for allergic or asthmatic people. The saturation level of moisture in the air of our homes depend largely on the climate of the area in which we live. This often exceeds the optimum levels for our health, especially during the summer.

Various types of moisture may exist on the walls and the stains should be removed in different ways. In stores you can buy equipment such as domestic dehumidifiers which can help if the moisture problem is very serious. However, to solve small and specific humidity problems in your home, at OneHowTo we'd like to show you how to get rid of humidity from a room by using salt.

You'll need:
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To get rid of humidity from a room the first thing you need is a flat container. Fill it with one kilogram of coarse salt. Now place the container with coarse salt in the room where you want to remove moisture.


After 2 days you will see that the salt has already absorbed much of the humidity. Remember that salt is one of the most absorbent natural products out there and it also combats moisture in walls,especially if you're making a dehumidifier with rock salt. Moreover, it is also very effective when removing mildew stains from clothing, among others uses.


When the salt has blackened or is too wet it means it has already reached its maximum level of saturation. At this moment, you must change the salt and add new salt so it can continue with its absorption.


It's important to also know how you can prevent humidity at home, there are some simple tricks you can use at home so you don't have these ugly marks on the wall.

If your home is humid and has tendency to moist, it's important to air your home frequently so the air inside is renewed; it's also important to use the extractor when you cook, leave the heating on no higher than 20 degrees Celsius and dry your wet clothes outdoors.


To hide the humidity stains, you may have thought of painting your home walls. However, you must take into account a series of aspects that can give you a great result.

For example, take into account the paint you use for the wall, it must be anti-humidity. You will also have to clean the stain before painting or the result will be horrible. At OneHowTo we'd like to give you some tips on how to paint a damp wall.


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Mould* and a useful tip, you can also put the salt in oranges that have been cut in half and scooped out, it releases a scent along with taking away the moisture in the air.
Paul Lawerh
pls am having a problem worry me if i paint my room. they is a salt in the wall so if i paint the room the salt take off the paint from the wall. so pls show me what to do
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Paul,
Could the problem be you have damp walls due to humidity? Take a look at this article that might be useful for you:

Hope this helps

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How to Get Rid of Humidity from a Room by Using Salt
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How to Get Rid of Humidity from a Room by Using Salt