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How To Grow Strawberries In A Pot

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: June 5, 2018
How To Grow Strawberries In A Pot

If you are one of those people that eat strawberries all the time, why not grow them yourself at home? Whether in the garden, terrace or balcony, these fruits grow well in pots and offer much more flavourful fruits than those bought in supermarkets. Although the plant requires some specific care you need not worry when planting strawberries as in this oneHOWTO article we explain in detail how to grow strawberries in a pot.

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  1. Tips on how to grow strawberries
  2. Planting strawberries in a pot
  3. Caring for strawberry plants

Tips on how to grow strawberries

First, you need to keep in mind certain tricks to correctly grow strawberries in a pot, with the result that the fruit be the tastiest you have ever tried!

  • Climate: You must preserve the strawberry seedlings in a temperature between 18 and 25 °C (64°F and 77°F) during the day and ranging between 8 and 13°C (46 and 55°F) at night.
  • Watering: It is important to use water without excessive minerals, rainwater is ideal.
  • Soil type: It will be important to have a proper drainage system, so a gritty texture substrate is recommended. Also, the soil pH should range between 5'8 and 7'2. If you like you can lower pH levels in water to get it right.
How To Grow Strawberries In A Pot - Tips on how to grow strawberries

Planting strawberries in a pot

The ideal time to plant strawberries is in early September, the amount of seedlings to plant will depend on the size of the pot. Ideally put three seedlings in half meter pots (20 inch pots), spaced between 5 and 10 centimeters (2 and 4 in approx.) from the edges.

Should it be a circular pot you can also put a seedling in the middle of the pot. Make a hole of about 20 centimeters for each seedling, you can get the seedlings from a nursery or specialized garden center. Never cut the roots of the seedlings, if they are too long you can bend them but never cut them. Once you have firmly planted the seedlings we recommend you press down the soil around the pot with your hands and water it well.

How To Grow Strawberries In A Pot - Planting strawberries in a pot

Caring for strawberry plants

From now on you will have to care for you strawberry plant and check on it daily, making sure it receives sunlight and is kept in the temperature ranges described above. When the first fruits start to grow (this happens after 2 months) you must ensure that the strawberries do not touch the ground as they will rot. There are several methods for this, like putting a small wire mesh beneath, with straws or a using a PVC bag.

That is it, following these tips you can grow strawberries at home without too much hassle. Simply remember the points regarding the temperature and ensure you water regularly without drowning the plants.

How To Grow Strawberries In A Pot - Caring for strawberry plants

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  • Make sure the temperature doesn't go up the mentioned degrees. To avoid your plant from heating up too much, it's better to used light colored plant pots to avoid the soil from heating too much.
  • The soil must always be moist but should not have overflowing water. To achieve this, make sure the pot has a good drainage system and that you use the correct soil.
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How To Grow Strawberries In A Pot