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How to Plant Ginger Root in a Pot

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: June 5, 2019
How to Plant Ginger Root in a Pot

Ginger is a plant from the zingiberaceae family, whose underground stem is a horizontal rhizome prized for its aroma and spicy flavour. Furthermore, ginger is a food with many beneficial health properties and can help with certain ailments and conditions. The tuber can also be used to season our recipes and add a special something. In this oneHOWTO article, we will explain how you can grow ginger at home easily and quickly, with a step-by-step guide and some photos. Make sure you follow the instructions so you know how to plant Ginger root in a pot and take advantage of everything this plant has to offer.

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Steps to follow:


The first thing you need to do to plant ginger in a pot is to make sure you find a good ginger root. You can buy one in any grocery stores where you usually buy your vegetables. It should look like the photo that appears alongside this step.

If you boy ginger in a non-organic grocery store or supermarket, you will have to put the root in water for 8 hours minimum and let it dry completely in the sunlight.

How to Plant Ginger Root in a Pot - Step 1

To plant the ginger in a pot and ensure that it grows healthily, you will need to cut the tougher outer layer and leave it exposed within the soil. Make sure you leave a small (or large) piece of root when you cut the piece of ginger.

The parts that make the best roots to grow are those that are less wrinkly and small dots, also known as eyes. The more eyes it has the easier it will be for the plant to grow.

How to Plant Ginger Root in a Pot - Step 2

Now it's time to prepare the plant pot, which should be at least twelve inches deep in order for the ginger root to grow correctly. The best soil to add to the pot is a 50/50 mix of ordinary gardening soil and fertilizer, which you can also make at home. The best time to plant ginger is during early to mid spring, as it cannot survive in cold climates and thus will not undergo frost. However, you can also have it indoors to prevent this.

Plant the ginger root will the cut side facing the ground, and bury about 3 cm into the soil. Next, cover the ginger root with the quality soil mixture and let the ginger poke out a little. It is important that the soil is rich and that the ginger is planted in a cool place with limited ventilation, as it will not withstand the wind and needs to be in an ideal environment of 16 to 25 degrees Celsius.

How to Plant Ginger Root in a Pot - Step 3

You can plant ginger indoors at any time of year. Ginger is a fast-growing plant and you will see it start to look like the photo in about two weeks if you keep your ginger moist by watering it every time the soil on the surface is drying out.

If you live in a tropical region, you should put the plant pot in the shade, as temperatures in these areas may affect the ginger's growth.

How to Plant Ginger Root in a Pot - Step 4

This is how our ginger plant looked after a few weeks. The trick to ensure your ginger grows well is to give it plenty of light and water it often in small quantities.

How to Plant Ginger Root in a Pot - Step 5

Ginger plants grow well in moist, fertile soil in warm areas during the winter. Another interesting method is to plant the ginger in flowerpots and leave them in milder places during the summer and indoors at night.

When summer is ending and temperatures start to fall, you will notice some leaves will start to turn yellow. When you notice this happening, it is advisable to gradually stop watering the plant, as the time to harvest your ginger root is coming closer.


You can harvest the ginger when the roots are near the surface, which should happen around four to eight months after planting the ginger roots or when all of the leaves and branches have turned yellow. There are often small leaves on the surface which you can cut wisely and be used in cooking too.

To cut properly, get a knife and make sure you do not bruise the ginger root.

The rest of the plant can be kept during the colder months and will survive throughout the following season provided it is in a warm place, as ginger is perennial.

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  • Ginger plants do not do well in the cold, so be careful where you plant it if you want to do so outdoors, as it will not withstand frost or colder temperatures.
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How to Plant Ginger Root in a Pot