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How To Grow A Kumquat Tree

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 31, 2019
How To Grow A Kumquat Tree

From the orange family comes the kumquat species, a type of tree that produces a type of fruit a bit smaller than the ordinary orange. The kumquat tree is native to China, and the fruit it bears is also known as kumquat. Its small size means it can grow and be planted in both pots and gardens. If you want to know about the perfect conditions for how to grow a kumquat tree, then read carefully. At oneHOWTO we you give the necessary tools to learn more about this tree. Follow these tips, plant it properly, and soon you will reap its fruit.

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Steps to follow:


Planting. Buy your kumquat tree in a garden centre. You can buy your seeds and plant them or get a small tree. If you decide to plant the seeds, remember to wash them. To grow a kumquat tree, you should note that the germination process is the same as for any citrus plant.


Soil. As for most citrus trees, the kumquat needs soil that is not overly fertile. The land where you plant your kumquat tree should be well drained and hold moisture. We recommend that you put some protection over the soil so that the water drains properly. If you decide to grow your kumquat tree in a pot, put in some gravel or stones to help the water drain.

How To Grow A Kumquat Tree - Step 2

Fertile land. As mentioned, the ground for growing a kumquat tree doesn't need not be overly fertile. However, it is highly recommended that you feed and fertilize the soil at the beginning of spring, with liquid manure. We recommend you use a special fertiliser for citrus plants or a algae fertiliser. You can buy these products at any garden centre. It is best to fertilize it once a month.

How To Grow A Kumquat Tree - Step 3

Watering. As for watering, you should know that kumquat trees need a lot of water. If you want to prevent its roots from rotting, keep the soil moist. Make sure the soil is not dry and water it every time you see that it is beginning to get that way. It is best to water the kumquat tree about three times a week.

How To Grow A Kumquat Tree - Step 4

Light. As with the vast majority of citrus plants, the kumquat tree needs a lot of light to grow properly. However, if you have it indoors or in a greenhouse, try to not put it in direct sunlight or where there is only glass between it and the sunlight as it could burn. We advise to have it in an open space and if you think it is necessary, use a light bulb to give it light.


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How To Grow A Kumquat Tree