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What is the Best Time to Water Plants

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What is the Best Time to Water Plants

One of the most important tasks to be carried out in the garden is undoubtedly the watering of plants. There are many factors contributing to the type of irrigation required, such as climate, plant species, grass or shrub. However, there are certain rules to follow if you want your garden or yard to look beautiful at any time of year. In this OneHowTo article we explain what the best time to water the plants is. Plants, similarly to ourselves, follow a certain time to take nourishment, so they will be healthier if watered at specific times.

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Steps to follow:


The worst time to water plants is at noon. The time in which there is more sun exposure is not good to supply nutrients to our plants. Because of the sun water evaporates more quickly, which prevents the plant from receiving all the necessary food to stay healthy and strong.


During these hours the leaves may burn easily if wet. Also, if we water the plants in full sun we can severely damage them because of the heat transfer occurring when the cold water comes into contact with the plant, which will be hot due to sun exposure.


For these and other reasons, the best time to water most plants and, above all, the lawn of our garden is at dawn. First thing in the morning the plants will be grateful for a good splash of water that they will be able to drain before it being exposed to greater sun exposure.

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Also, watering the plants early in the morning saves water, as at that time evaporation is minimal and plants will make greater use of a smaller amount of water.


Furthermore, plants require more water during sunrise as it activates their metabolic activity as the sun begins to warm them. The need for vitamins and nutrients to get going is much higher at this time, so if we provide plants with water early they can improve their activity performance.

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Watering the plants early also helps avoid excess moisture that may increase the likelihood fungal infection, as the day's heat will help plants consume the water and also make them dry faster.


If you can't water your plants early in the morning, the next best thing is to do so in the evening. Of course, know that the soil remains moist for longer time due to the cool dew of the night, which may favour the development of fungi.


On the other hand, watering plants at night is not too advisable as they will not make use of the water. Remember that, like us, plants rest at night, so their performance and metabolic activity is lower. Thus, they require more water in the morning to keep active during the day.

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What is the Best Time to Water Plants