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How To Place An Elephant In Your Home

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: April 9, 2020
How To Place An Elephant In Your Home

An elephant is a symbol of good luck in many religions and cultures. According to the pseudoscience of Feng shui, elephants can bring more luck based on their placement in the home. The location of a lucky elephant should be determined by the positivity you are searching for and which part of your life you wish to influence. These aspects and/or needs will establish where you should place your elephant, as each position bring different types of luck. The elephant will serve to energize the chi (positive) energy. Keep reading this oneHOWTO article to find out more about how to place an elephant in your home.

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  1. Elephant symbolism
  2. Elephant representation in Feng Shui
  3. How to place an elephant for good luck

Elephant symbolism

As we mentioned before, Elephants hold different symbolism within different cultures and or religions. For example, according to Buddhism, elephants are celestial animals that can represent many things, including; dignity, fidelity, good fortune, good luck, longevity, energy, strength, success etc. Elephants are considered sacred in many Asian cultures. There are even various depictions of elephants in Christianity where they represent that of chastity or of the ‘‘fallen man.’’

And let’s not forget to mention the strong role elephants played in many childhoods, remember Dumbo, or Horton in Dr.Seuss?

How To Place An Elephant In Your Home - Elephant symbolism

Elephant representation in Feng Shui

Elephants are considered a sacred animal, prevalent in the pseudoscience of Feng Shui (geomancy). Elephants are used in Feng Shui to symbolize power, wisdom, strength and fertility. In addition, they are also sometimes used to symbolize longevity, protection, good luck and success.

In Feng Shui, the different forms of elephants and their placements attract different energies. For example, Jade elephants are specifically used to attract power, strength and good luck. Whereas, if you are hoping to bring fertility into your home, it is recommended to use an elephant with a lowered trunk.

How to place an elephant for good luck

Here are the most common ways you can place lucky elephants according to Feng Shui. Remember that each position is said to attract something different:

  • Placing an elephant at the front door of your house is believed to bring good luck to your home. If the elephant has a lifted trunk it represents prosperity, good luck, abundance and victory. If the trunk is lowered, it represents longevity and fertility. It is also said that placing an elephant at your door is a form of protection, keeping your money safe ‘‘inside of your home’’. It is also believe that if you place a rolled bill on the trunk of the elephant, fortune will follow.
  • One or several lucky elephants placed in the bedroom demonstrate love and fidelity between the couple that sleeps and/or shares that specific space.
  • Placing an elephant in a study or office supports and produces love between couples and work productivity.
  • An elephant and her babies is a symbol of love and union between mothers and children. If you put an elephant with children in your home, the bond between parents and children will become much stronger.
  • If a couple wants to have children, they are recommended to place statues of elephants in the bedroom as a symbol of fertility.

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Greetings, purchased an elephant wind chime to decorate and put up inside my house. Elephants’ trunks are raised up. I would like to put up on the wall. Which side should the elephant chimes be placed?
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How To Place An Elephant In Your Home