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How to plant hydrangea cuttings

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: June 6, 2018
How to plant hydrangea cuttings

Hydrangea flowers are very beautiful and easy to care for, and they require little attention to remain pretty and healthy. Since hydrangeas can be quite expensive, it is a good idea to take cuttings from a friend or your own hydrangea plant and watch it grow. In this article we'll explain how to plant hydrangeas from cuttings. Carefully follow the steps and you'll have a beautiful plant of your own in no time.

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Steps to follow:


Look for healthy hydrangea plants and cut off some small branches that are no more than 6 inches long. Try to choose cuttings that have new growths at the top. The best time to do this is during spring and summer.

How to plant hydrangea cuttings - Step 1

Leave the cuttings in a container or jar with two fingers of water for at least 1 hour.

How to plant hydrangea cuttings - Step 2

First, cut off all the leaves at the bottom of the cutting. These leaves will require too much energy, so it is best to only leave a few at the top. Then, cut the leaves in half. This is a helpful trick to increase the chances of the plant surviving and helps increase root formation.

How to plant hydrangea cuttings - Step 3

Place a coffee filter inside the pots. This will prevent the soil from washing away and will keep it moist.

How to plant hydrangea cuttings - Step 4

Mix potting soil, fertiliser and compost together. We recommend using 1/2 potting soil, 1/4 fertiliser and 1/4 compost. Fill the pots with this mixture.

How to plant hydrangea cuttings - Step 5

Water the soil that you've added to the pot to make it compact. It's important that you water the hydrangeas a little bit each day.

How to plant hydrangea cuttings - Step 6

Then, put two sticks of wood into the soil. They should be slightly taller than the hydrangea cuttings. Place a plastic bag over the plant. Be sure to use a large enough bag, so that the leaves or any part of the plant won't be touching the bag. The sticks are used to prevent the plants from touching the plastic and create a greenhouse effect.

How to plant hydrangea cuttings - Step 7

Put them in a shady place where they won't get any direct sunlight. Remember to water them often.


After three weeks, the cuttings should be rooted and are now ready to remove from the plastic. Remove the bag and leave them in the sun outside.


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How to plant hydrangea cuttings