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How to Remove Odors from Shoes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Remove Odors from Shoes

If you have a pair of shoes that with a foul odor, before deciding to get rid of them, you can try some simple techniques to remove odors from shoes. There are tricks that are effective and can serve to eliminate the odor from shoes so you can enjoy them again. Find out in this OneHowTo how to remove odors from shoes and do not hesitate to put them into practice.

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Steps to follow:


Keeping your shoes clean is essential to avoid and limit the formation of odors. Furthermore, if the shoe has insoles, it is advisable that these are kept in good condition and in no case be left wet or too damaged. Wet or damp shoes are very likely to get smelly fast, so keep them dry! A good option is to purchase insoles that are breathable and neutralize odors.

How to Remove Odors from Shoes - Step 1

It is also advisable not to use the same shoes everyday and to leave them in spaces where they can air out and ventilate at night or when you are not using them. Thus, the odor will be removed or will decrease considerably.


There are many home remedies which are very useful for removing odor from shoes. One such trick is to put some baking soda into the shoes and leave it to act overnight. Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate, is a multipurpose ingredient that absorbs odors, even those generated by moisture.


Following the same method as sodium bicarbonate, talcum powder can also be a good alternative for removing odors from shoes. Apply the powder, let stand overnight and the next day shake them to remove the remains. If you prefer, and also want to make it more effective, you can apply some talcum just before putting on the shoe.

How to Remove Odors from Shoes - Step 4

One of the most popular home remedies to eliminate smells from shoes is to place them in a plastic bag and leave them in the freezer overnight. This works by killing the bacteria causing the unpleasant odors. It is important to use a bag for each shoe and the next day let them dry in the sun.

How to Remove Odors from Shoes - Step 5

To remove odor from shoes and also give them a good scent, we can place some dried sage leaves and lavender flowers inside them. The peels of citrus fruits can also serve as good aromas for shoes.

How to Remove Odors from Shoes - Step 6

All these tricks will serve to remove odors from shoes. Still, you can always try odor specific products sold in stores, which are composed of antibacterial agents that absorb sweat neutralizing the acids that cause it. And if, instead of shoes your odor problem is caused by feet, see our article on Home remedies for smelly feet to find a solution.

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How to Remove Odors from Shoes