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The Best Aromatic House Plants

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 22, 2022
The Best Aromatic House Plants

There is no doubt that aromatic plants are an excellent way to decorate while giving our home a pleasant smell and being great for those who like to cook with fresh produce. When picking them, you should know which are best to keep indoors because of their delicacy, and which are happiest outside because they are more resilient. Would you rather have them inside the house? At OneHowTo.com we explain what the best aromatic house plants are.

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  1. Why should these aromatic plants go inside?
  2. Mint
  3. Basil
  4. Parsley
  5. Peppermint
  6. Coriander
  7. Lavender

Why should these aromatic plants go inside?

Some aromatic house plants are great for our home but are also extremely delicate, requiring a significant amount of water, daily care and a lot of light but not direct sunlight which could otherwise make them wither. This is why the aromatic houseplants mentioned below should be kept indoors in an illuminated area but one that is protected from the cold and excessive sun.

When you cook with their leaves, be sure to cut them with scissors and not tear them off which could harm them.


Mint is one of the most aromatic plants to keep at home, perfect if you like adding Asian touches to food or making refreshing drinks, plus they have many benefits, especially for the gastric system. They tend to grow a lot and you should always keep them in a separate pot as they are considered a bit of an invasive plant. This is a plant that requires regular watering and prefers moist soils, this is especially important in the warmer months.

You can learn how to plant mint.

The Best Aromatic House Plants - Mint


This beloved plant which is the star of Italian cuisine gives your home an incredible aroma, as well as being the perfect companion if you enjoy cooking pesto dishes, sauces and pastas of all kinds. This aromatic houseplant requires basic care such as: frequent watering, light but not direct sun exposure and regular pruning to prevent flowering, which makes for a not-so-pleasant aniseed flavour.

The Best Aromatic House Plants - Basil


If you enjoy cooking, there is no doubt that you will find parsley very useful. This food is full of beneficial properties for our health, making it an ideal indoor plant because it does not enjoy direct sunlight. It additionally requires frequent watering to prevent it from drying out. For detailed care instructions, we invite you to read our article how to plant parsley at home.

The Best Aromatic House Plants - Parsley


Mint's cousin, peppermint, will give a fresh flavour to your dishes and drinks while helping benefit our gastric health. This plant requires frequent watering but not too much, and a decent amount of sunlight, as it is resistant to warm weather. In our article how to care for peppermint, we explain their needs in detail.

The Best Aromatic House Plants - Peppermint


Coriander gives flavour to our dishes in addition to having a simply fabulous aroma. This aromatic houseplant appreciates and needs sunlight, and requires damp earth, so you should ensure that it grows in perfect conditions.

The Best Aromatic House Plants - Coriander


Lavender can be kept both inside and outside, but if you choose to have it in your house, it will give off an excellent aroma and requires very little care. It is an aromatic plant that needs light and sun but should not be watered too much as it tolerates droughts well. If you have decided to get one for your home in this article we explain how to care for it to keep it healthy all year.

The Best Aromatic House Plants - Lavender

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The Best Aromatic House Plants