How to choose the Right Sofa Color

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to choose the Right Sofa Color

Definitely, your couch or sofa is the centerpiece of your lounge or living room. Not only for the space it occupies, but because it is the most used part of this room. In addition, a sofa requires a significant investment, although there are sofas in all price ranges. For all this, it is important to choose a good fabric in terms of decoration and other elements relating to the space, in order to amortize the cost. On OneHowTo, we give you some tips on how to choose the right sofa color.

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Steps to follow:

The first thing to consider when choose a sofa color to think of the room set-up. It is, therefore, important to know how many square meters are in the room or hall where you will place the couch in order to avoid mistakes. This is also important when choosing the color of the couch. For example, if the room is small, opt for warmer colors like beige, white or cinnamon. These colors give a sense of spaciousness. If, however, you think the living room is large, then you can afford to use stronger colors, such as passionate red, chocolate brown or dark grey.

How to choose the Right Sofa Color - Step 1

If the place where you are going to place the sofa is very bright, we recommend that you do not choose a dark colored sofa because the sunlight will eliminate the color of your sofa gradually and "wear it out" quickly.


Another important fact is the prominence we want to give the sofa. We can choose a sofa that is integrated with the other elements of the room. As would be the case with a beige sofa with grey cushions in a room with white walls and a black carpet. By contrast, the other option is to choose a sofa that is the centerpiece of the room even in that case, we recommend you choose a color of fabric to match any element of the room, such as the curtains or a painting.

How to choose the Right Sofa Color - Step 3

Another important consideration when choosing a sofa is whether you want your sofa fabric to be smooth or embossed. Currently, there are endless types of fabric with which you can upholster the sofa. Everything depends on the character you want to give the sofa: a more classic touch with flowers or stripes or a more modern touch with smooth fabrics and modern prints. Note that the choice of fabric will affect your choice of cushions.


The room décor is essential when choosing a couch or another. Choose the color of the sofa depending on the color of the walls, the curtains and the pictures that you have in that room. Another possibility is to choose the sofa first and then paint the walls and decorate the room according to your choice.

Make sure you don't use the same color for all the elements of the room, combine the colors accordingly. For more information, we recommend you read our article on how to decorate a living room according to Feng Shui.

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How to choose the Right Sofa Color
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How to choose the Right Sofa Color

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