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How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes and Carpet

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes and Carpet

When you share your life with a dog, you must definitely learn how to get dog hair off clothes and carpet as you must assume that your home and especially your clothes will be covered with your pet's fur. Your dog shedding hair is completely natural, especially in hot weather. And the solution is not to isolate your dog on the balcony, as with simple routines and habits you can prevent hair from your pet falling on your clothes. In case some hair gets on your clothes or carpet, you will need to know how to get dog hair off clothes and carpet. So, at OneHowTo.com we explain how to remove dog hair from clothes and carpet. Do not despair as everything has a solution.

You'll need:

  • Sticky tape
  • Latex gloves
  • Cloth
  • Adhesive Rollers
  • Cold Air Tumble dryer
  • Baking soda
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Steps to follow:


Accustom your dog to daily hair brushing. It is not just a way to establish a bond with your pet, but it is the best way to collect hair that comes loose and avoid having it fall on your clothes or any other part of your home. Brush its hair daily, especially in times of shedding.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes and Carpet - Step 1

Another way to remove hairs that stick to your clothes is by using sticky tape. Wrap around your hand a piece of this material leaving the sticky side out, now you only have to pass your hand rubbing the area full of hair and it will be fixed. Repeat as often as necessary or until the adhesive loses its power to get dog hair off clothes.


The most convenient and effective way to get dog hair off clothes is by using the classic adhesive rollers around a cylinder. These are sold in many shopping centres at a low cost. Take the handle and pass the sticky tube through all areas with hair attached. As time passes the loop loses adhesive power and fills with dirt. Just remove it as beneath there is another layer.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes and Carpet - Step 3

Water is always a great ally for removing dog hair from any kind of fabric. Put on some latex gloves, or take a soft cloth, dampen with water and rub the area in circles, the hairs will slowly stick together until they are all gone. Then once dry, you can finish off the area with a brush roller trapping the hairs to get dog hair off clothes.


Cold air is also an important ally if you need to get dog hair off clothes. The cold air will blow away your pet's hair from the fabric. So if you have a powerful dryer that emits cold air try it and see. If this problem affects many clothes it may be worth having a tumble dryer with a cool drying setting. After 15 minutes it will all come out without any hair. You will have to change and clean the filters occasionally. So. it is easy to get dog hair off clothes in the dryer.

How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes and Carpet - Step 5

Amongst these tricks we must not forget baking soda which is so useful for cleaning many different surfaces. It is recommended to detach hair from complex surfaces as it gets rid of static electricity and so leaves loose all the attached hairs. Then you can use the vacuum cleaner, cellophane, adhesive roller or any other method to get dog hair off clothes.

You can use baking soda to get dog hair off carpet as well. Just spray some water with baking soda on the carpet and then vacuum the area thoroughly.

If your carpet is very delicate, vacuum clean it, then brush it with a broom, then rub it with a dump cloth, and vacuum it again, et voilà! You got your dog hair off clothes and carpet!

How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes and Carpet - Step 6

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How to Get Dog Hair Off Clothes and Carpet