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How to Care for a Laurel Tree

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Care for a Laurel Tree

Used since the classical period, laurel is a shrub or tree from the Mediterranean area that grows well on all types of terrain. This hardy plant is used as a condiment in the kitchen, but also as a natural remedy for many diseases due to its multiple beneficial properties. That is why you may find it very helpful to grow it at home to have it available at all times, so at OneHowTo we give you a hand and we explain in detail how to care for a laurel tree.

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Steps to follow:


Before getting to know how to care for a laurel tree, it will be essential to get to know the requirements that the plant needs to grow properly, because you must place it in an area of partial shade where it receives sunlight, but not direct sunlight, since that could burn its leaves. Similarly, it is essential that you ensure your laurel has the appropriate temperature, which means protecting it in winter to prevent frost damaging it. More specifically, if there's an exterior temperature of 45 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit you should bring the plant indoors.


Likewise, when planting the laurel, you should ensure that it has soil that drains properly and does not retain water to ensure that it will not be flooded. That is why soil substrates are recommended or, if you still have it planted in a pot, put stones in the bottom of the pot so that they help with drainage.

How to Care for a Laurel Tree - Step 2

As noted, watering the laurel tree should be scarce, since it is a species which is accustomed to drought and doesn't require large amounts of water. Therefore, watering it weekly is enough, although laurels planted in pots may require more water than those that are planted directly in the soil.


As far as pruning is concerned, it may help to give shape - cone-shaped, pyramidal, etc. to your laurel, as well as removing branches that are broken or damaged if they have been affected by a plague. That is why there is no specific time to prune laurels, but try to avoid their branches growing wildly.

How to Care for a Laurel Tree - Step 4

The laurel shrub or tree only requires adding fertilizer once or twice a year, using some type of organic fertilizer. It is also possible that the laurels are attacked by pests like aphids, whiteflies or cochineals, so you will find it useful to consult home remedies for these pests to get rid of them if they occur.

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John Herndon
Question: Skip Laurel maintenance. What is causing some leaves to turn brown and eventually drop off?
OneHowTo Editor
Too much heat or too much water are usually the culprits, but it is possible there is rot.
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How to Care for a Laurel Tree