How to Eliminate Ants from the Garden Naturally

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Eliminate Ants from the Garden Naturally

Ants can end up destroying your beautiful garden as they are small insects that have such a high degree of mobility and agility that they can completely destroy your plants. This is done through the constructing of internal tunnels around their roots, which prevents water and nutrients from properly reaching the plants and they thus die and dry up slowly. If you want to get rid of these insects without using any pesticides, keep on reading. In this OneHowTo article we're going to explain how to eliminate ants from the garden naturally. Here you'll find some natural remedies to oust these annoying pests, keeping your garden healthy and pesticide-free. Take note!

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Steps to follow:

A quick and effective solution to remove the plague of ants is vinegar. Prepare a solution made of water and vinegar in equal parts and sprinkle it onto your garden. The power of this product and its high acidity is highly poisonous for ants. In addition, its scent will help repel and drive them away from your garden. Applying it in small doses is not dangerous to the plants in your garden.


Another good option to kill ants in your garden is to use natural repellents. One of the most effective remedies for this is coffee beans mixed with bicarbonate of soda, which you should distribute around your garden. The smell of the coffee beans will drive ants away from your garden.

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If you have discovered a colony of ants, their removal will be much faster and easier. You can pour boiling water onto the nest. This will put an end to the ant infestation and will prevent them from returning and destroying your garden. You can repeat the action until you make sure that you have completely removed the ant colony.


You can also try to control or eliminate a plague of ants in the garden with basic kitchen products, such as garlic. The smell of this ingredient will send them fleeing. Grind it up or slice and mix with water. Spray this mixture close to plants or directly onto the colony.

Another good option is to make a solution based on lemon juice and water. This juice is an effective repellent because its acid content confuses their tracking abilities. Spray it on the path of the ants and you'll notice how quickly they scatter.

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On the other hand, it is proven that soap also tends to be a good ally against pests in the garden. If you mix it with water, the soap solution can be effective when getting rid of ants. We recommend that you do so at night.


We also recommend using neem oil, sold in specialised garden centres. This oil will come with specific instructions that you will have to follow before use. If you are not able to find this solution, boil neem leaves for about 20 minutes or so and then spray the solution onto the nest.


Another good idea to help you eliminate ants from your garden is the use of chalk or baby powder as this product is a natural repellent for these insects. You can draw lines in your garden or sprinkle talcum powder in the most strategic areas. Doing so you will avoid the ants to enter your house.


Finally, you should know that there are certain products that naturally repel ants: lettuce, lavender, lavender, mint or calendula are some of them. Why not plant them in your garden? The smell will help ward off a plague of ants.

In the event that the ants are in the garden plants we recommend you read this other article in which we specify the best way of eliminating ants from plants.

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How to Eliminate Ants from the Garden Naturally
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How to Eliminate Ants from the Garden Naturally

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