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How to grow for Swedish ivy

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to grow for Swedish ivy

In some countries Swedish ivy is known as the money plant. Unfortunately it does not come with a magic wand that helps balance the numbers of our bank account but many people just have it at home because it looks great on the balcony or terrace and well, you never know... So in we give you some tips so you know how to care for Swedish ivy and keep it as beautiful as possible.

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Steps to follow:


Although this plant resists high temperatures it is best if it does not receive direct sunlight, so preferably place it in a shaded area with indirect light.


Swedish ivy is of the hanging type which is why it is ideal to be placed in high spaces so that as it grows its leaves can hang down. If you have a terrace or balcony one of its walls or railings is a good place for such a plant. If you place it on the ground its leaves will expand over the terrain.


If you live in a country with marked seasons you must remember that in winter you must remove the plant from the exterior because if the temperature drops to less than 10 ° it could die. Place it indoors near the window so it can get indirect sunlight.


In the warmer months of the year, water it three times a week whilst in winter it can survive with just one dose of water every five to seven days. If the Swedish ivy is receiving too much water it will alert you with small black spots on the leaves.

How to grow for Swedish ivy - Step 4

Autumn is the best time to transplant it because this season is when they grow their aromatic and pleasant flowers. The beginning of spring is also a good time to perform this operation.

Take off the ivy tips after it flowers if you want the plant to keep growing strong


Once a month you can add nutrients to the soil with mineral fertilizers so that your ivy will grow stronger and healthier. At OneHowTo we hope the saying "that with your plant grows as much as your savings" comes true.

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  • Remember to give your Swedish ivy the care needed to make it grow beautiful and healthy.
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my swedish ivy plant has leaves that turn brown on the ends. why?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Judy,

Most commonly it is too little or too much watering, but it could also be too much direct sunlight. Swedish ivy needs shade.
Thank you for all your helpful tips about growing and caring for Swedish ivy (Charlie plant) it is my favorite plant because it reminds me of my grandma who grew them hanging on her patio in Southern California where I grew up.
Now I live in the mountains where we have four seasons and I have had three Charlie plants which have not done well inside in the winter. I have grown my Charlies the way you described but each one began to die from the roots up. I tried changing the soil, propagation in water and still the stems would begin to die. I am afraid to buy anymore. I miss this beautiful bright green healthy plant.
They do really well all year for me indoors except for winter. Do you have any idea why they are dying from the roots even in water?
OneHowTo Editor
Hi Linda

Make sure that your Charlie plant is not receiving direct sunlight, as this can stunt its growth. Additionally, make sure you’re not giving it too much water, keep the soil moist but not too wet. You can also offer it some eco-fertilizer to give it a little health boost! Let us know if have any more questions
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How to grow for Swedish ivy