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What Are The Best Plants For The Bathroom

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 27, 2019
What Are The Best Plants For The Bathroom

Would you like to renew the decor of your bathroom? If so, one of the decorative elements that you can make use of are plants; with them you make any room cheerful and full of life. However, it will be essential to choose those species that can grow in moist environments and take into account whether the bathroom has good natural lighting or not. So you have no doubts in choosing the best plants for the bathroom pay attention to the selection presented in this oneHOWTO article where we reveal the best species to choose from.

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  1. Bamboo
  2. Aloe Vera
  3. Orchids
  4. Begonia
  5. Azalea
  6. Ivy


Bamboo is one of the best plants you can place in your bathroom, it grows well in humid conditions and is also perfect for low-light areas, so do not worry if your toilet does not have much natural light. Bamboo canes are greatly appreciated in Feng Shui, ideal for bringing good luck and creating positive energy flow throughout the room.

In the article how to care for lucky bamboo you can find many tips to ensure this plant grows healthy and strong, but above all you must remember to change the water regularly to keep it moist and avoid it getting sick.

What Are The Best Plants For The Bathroom - Bamboo

Aloe Vera

If, however, your bathroom has plenty of natural light, an excellent option is to have an aloe vera plant. It is a plant that has excellent properties both for the skin and our general health, so you can easily take advantage of all its benefits.

To keep it in good condition remember not to water it in excess, it is sufficient to do so every 15 to 20 days using little water and not flooding saucer. Want to know more about its care? Do not miss the tips in the article caring for an aloe vera plant.

What Are The Best Plants For The Bathroom - Aloe Vera


Orchids are very stylish and great flowers to bring a touch of color and life to your bathroom. There are varieties of this plant that live quite happily in damp spaces, such as Vandas, Cattleyas and Dendrobium orchids; however you should follow a set of steps to care for them so that their flowers will not wilt. It is especially important to know that between one watering and another orchids need to dry; so if they can not do it properly in the bathroom, we recommend that you place it outside to receive some air and sunlight.

What Are The Best Plants For The Bathroom - Orchids


Typical of tropical areas, begonias are some of the best plants for the bathroom as they grow in shady spots with a lot of humidity. You can get many different varieties of this plant and with its bright flowers cheerfully decorate your bathroom. They must be placed in a ventilated area and receive abundant water, but without allowing the soil to swamp; likewise never wet leaves directly as they could rot or stain.

What Are The Best Plants For The Bathroom - Begonia


Because of its great beauty, azaleas are plants often used to decorate gardens and many areas of the home, your bathroom can also be one of them without any problems. It needs plenty of light, so it is essential that your bathroom receives good natural lighting and also has ventilation. You must also pay close attention to their care and in watering them as this should be abundant, especially when flowering, though its soil should never be swamped. It is also advisable to maintain a high atmospheric humidity and spray the leaves with water but trying not to wet the flowers.

What Are The Best Plants For The Bathroom - Azalea


Small-leaved ivy is an excellent option to keep indoors and place in areas like the bathroom, this will give it a very favorable natural and relaxing feel. They come with fully green leaves with light or white or yellow spots, choose the one you like best and appreciate the fact that it doe snot require much care. You only have to water it twice a week in summer and once a week in winter, although it is advisable to spray the leaves every two days during the summer and add a bit of liquid fertilizer dissolved in water every 15 days.

What Are The Best Plants For The Bathroom - Ivy

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What Are The Best Plants For The Bathroom