How to Grow Aromatic Herbs at Home

By Jane Bertin. Updated: June 5, 2018
How to Grow Aromatic Herbs at Home

Aromatic herbs adapt very well to all kinds of soils and environments, so they're a great choice to grow at home. You'll be able to use aromatic herbs in the kitchen, making your dishes richer and tastier, and to use them as natural remedies for all kinds of illnesses and pains. Moreover, you'll be able to enjoy their scent!

Whether you have a garden or you plant them in pots, this oneHOWTO article will be very useful to learn how to grow aromatic plants at home.

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How to grow rosemary at home

Rosemary is an aromatic herb that has many beneficial properties. It's a kitchen favorite to enhance roasts and stews, and it's also used as a mosquito repellent and to give a delightful scent to cupboards and drawers.

This aromatic plant is easy to sow and grow at home, in pots or as a bush. It requires little care and adapts to all kinds of weather and environments, although it's true that rosemary prefers dry and hot temperatures. In order to learn more on how to care for rosemary, take a look at our article.

How to Grow Aromatic Herbs at Home - How to grow rosemary at home

How to grow thyme at home

Thyme is a very popular natural remedy for plenty of ailings. This evergreen shrub has been used from ancient times to give flavor, to burn and create pleasant scents and ease sleep. Thyme grows best on sunny and dry soil, like in the Mediterranean area. This aromatic herb can be grown at home, in a pot or directly on the soil of our garden - it doesn't require much care, and it grows very fast.

If you want to enjoy all the properties of this plant, take a look at our article on what are the properties of thyme?

How to Grow Aromatic Herbs at Home - How to grow thyme at home

How to grow oregano at home

Oregano is an incredibly popular condiment for many kinds of dishes, from pasta and salad to fish and meat; it can easily be found in most supermarkets and local stores, already dried, crushed and ready to use. However, it will be way tastier if it is homegrown.

Oregano is a very resilient aromatic herb, and growing it at home is not complicated at all - it is sure to grow strong and healthy. Here you can learn how to grow oregano from seed.

How to Grow Aromatic Herbs at Home - How to grow oregano at home

How to grow aromatic herbs indoors

While thyme, rosemary and oregano will grow indoors, some aromatic herbs grow better inside than others. In this article you can find a guide of the best aromatic houseplants. It includes:

  • Basil: This aromatic herb is the base of pesto, a very popular condiment for pasta and salads. It requires direct sunlight and frequent watering, and must be replanted each year.
  • Parsley: Another kitchen favorite, it is at its best when freshly cut from the plant. It only requires a small pot, frequent watering and good doses of sunlight.
  • Mint: Not only it makes desserts and tea delicious; it's also used in natural remedies and it keeps ants and other common plant pests away. It can be planted at any time of the year.
  • Spearmint: Very similar to mint, spearmint is used in herbal teas and to make cocktails - it's the main ingredient in the classic mojito. It adapts well to all climates, requiring light and lots of humidity.
  • Lavender: Another popular Mediterranean plant, lavender is resilient and adaptable. It's used for many things, from perfumes to condiments, but it's especially used to scent drawers, cupboards and soaps. Moreover, the lavender flower - between purple and blue - is notably pretty.
How to Grow Aromatic Herbs at Home - How to grow aromatic herbs indoors

As you can see, learning how to grow aromatic herbs at home will enrich your kitchen, natural remedies and decoration. Aromatic plants are a great addition to any urban or indoor garden; you only need to know how to dry them to make the most of their properties.

If you have any gardening tips or ideas, please tell us in the comments section.

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How to Grow Aromatic Herbs at Home
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How to Grow Aromatic Herbs at Home

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