How to Plant Peppers at Home

By Mary Smith. Updated: June 5, 2018
How to Plant Peppers at Home

If you plan to plant a garden at home, peppers are a great idea. There is a wide variety of pepper types: Lamuyo, Italian, Piquillo, Padron, California... so you can choose the one you like best, or whichever is the best for your climate and soil. Bear in mind that it is a vegetable which is sensitive to cold, so you should wait until late spring to plant outdoors, where there is still a risk of frost. This oneHOWTO article explains step by step how to plant peppers.

You'll need:
  • Tray or container
  • Earth
  • Pepper seeds
  • Water
  • Hose
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Steps to follow:

For the seedbed, use a container or tray with an adequate height, so you can deeply fill it with potting soil.


You will be planting the seeds at a depth of 2-3 mm. You must avoid planting seeds close together as that causes the development of weak plants.


Between 8 and 20 days later, the seedlings will start to germinate.


Just before transplanting the seedlings, dig earth to aerate and add fertilizer or compost to enrich it. Find a sunny area, as peppers need daily sunlight.


Two months after planting, when the plants are taller than 15 cm, with 5 or 6 leaves, plant them in line with a spacing of 40-50 cm between them.


As for watering, you should not overdo it because peppers are very sensitive to water logging or lack of drainage, which produces asphyxia in compact areas, and may cause the roots to rot.


When you see that the peppers are a sufficiently large size and are ripe, proceed to harvest them by hand.

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How to Plant Peppers at Home
How to Plant Peppers at Home

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