How to decorate a patio with Plants

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 25, 2017
How to decorate a patio with Plants

Did you like our ideas for how to decorate a garden in the summer? Whether during the summer season or the dead of winter, something that should always be present in our outdoor spaces are plants and flowers. Nature in its purest form! Need help decorating your outdoor spaces? Well follow the recommendations we offer from OneHowTo on how to decorate a patio with plants. Fall in love with nature!

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Steps to follow:

Flowers are always the perfect way to decorate patios. However before choosing flowers keep in mind what time of year it is. The hours of light and sunshine, temperatures, rain and night frosts can damage summer plants and flowers. However, in summer you can plant geraniums and petunias. Need more ideas? Here we give you a list of the best flowers for spring and summer. In winter, go for daisies, pansies and marigolds.

How to decorate a patio with Plants - Step 1

Once you know which plants to use for every season, it's time to choose the flowers to decorate your patio. Take aspects such as shape, size and colour into account. Why consider these? Because to decorate properly, we will have to combine the flowers with other accessories, textiles and outdoor furniture. Remember that decor is a set consisting of many details that are in harmony and have aesthetic balance with each other.

For example, instead of a flower pot, use a basket or an old wellie so your decoration is more original. You can also try making your own flower pot.

How to decorate a patio with Plants - Step 2

Another thing to consider when decorating patios with flowers it is the type of materials you'll be using. Clay pots are a great choice to give a rustic touch to your space. Although wood and wrought iron are also great options to consider when choosing decoration for a patio. And don't forget about wicker and rattan.

How to decorate a patio with Plants - Step 3

And now for the big question of where to put our flowers to decorate the patio? When decorating these spaces, we must take the shape of the area into account to properly distribute all the decorative elements. With the potted plants you can, for example, put them on the ground if you have the option of cultivating your own garden, as decoration on your table or in pots hanging from the walls. Some advice? Don't pick flowers from the roots, keep them planted to grow healthy and beautiful.

How to decorate a patio with Plants - Step 4

For lovers of crafts, a good idea would be to decorate patios with recycled items. For example, you can use restored pallets or even old kitchen accessories and convert them into makeshift pots. Anything can be used to decorate patios with flowers in an intelligent, ecological and cheap way. For more ideas, read our article How to decorate a garden with waste material.

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How to decorate a patio with Plants
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How to decorate a patio with Plants

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